WWF and South Africa fishing industry announce fisheries internship

Companies active in South Africa’s deep-sea trawling industry have teamed up with the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries (DAFF) and the World Wildlife Fund South Africa to provide an opportunity for 11 new graduates to work in fisheries management, aquaculture, environmental science and related fields.

The South African Deep-Sea Trawling Industry Association (SADSTIA) announced Monday it will sponsor 11 paid and structured internships from April 2019 through March of 2020.

The internships will form part of WWF’s Graduate Internship Program which aims to provide a practical bridging experience for new graduates to make a career in the field of environmental sciences.

SADSTIA is the only fishery in Africa to be certified as sustainable and well-managed by the Marine Stewardship Council.

Eight of the 11 SADSTIA/DAFF/WWF interns will be placed at fishing companies and three will be placed at the Fisheries Branch of the DAFF. The Fisheries Branch has a mandate to manage South Africa’s commercial, recreational and subsistence fisheries and it requires a range of skills – including biological and mathematical knowledge, analytical and managerial ability – to name just a few.

WWF will call for applications from prospective interns in October. Details will be posted to SADSTIA’s website.

Source: http://www.intrafish.com/fisheries/1584208/wwf-and-south-africa-fishing-industry-announce-fisheries-internship

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