Winter PIKE fishing in a harbor – Project M

Looks nice, I'm exited! What are we doing today? – Fishing – What? – New years fishing Did you already fish this year? No, not yet – Will we get the first of this your for you? – Yes! There it went down, that was a bit for sure What happened Stef? Well, you cast in this rod

and when you reeled it in a huge pike followed At least, you told me, I didn't see it You said it was 115cm+ Yes that was the heavy category indeed So, we cast it out again and we get a bite after 2 minutes againbut it releases after 2 seconds

I don't know what is happening We'll just give it some time Yes yes! There it goes! And it's back up Stef is shaking all over And there it goes again Yes now it's going Shall I set the hook? It's not running yet Yes I'll give it some time again It's not convincingly yet there it goes again He is chewing on it And now it's running with it Now I'm setting the hook – Tighten the line Now you should have it – yes I have it It's a nice one well It's a nice fish butnot what we have seen following Nicely hooked Not easy to land yes but not deep in the mouth I think he will run again voila show it Well, that's a 70+cm fish – nice one Unhook it, the hooks are placed dangerous It's shaking all over 'Bla bla bla bla' 😉 Allright Hihihi Why do I have this Always? I Always have this with pikes Fighting me cowardly A stressed little boss It keeps going Let's put it back, it will run immediately Yep! Hit it! Well, we didn't expect this one we are aiming for pike The float submerges, rises up again and runs away again, I set the hook 70 centimeters of zander! We didn't expect this one! This is a better fish Suddendly out of the blue That one is 90+ easy Strong fish from big water This is a strong one! Feels heavy And strong indeed Wow what a beautiful pike! What a beauty! It's a really stunning fish Incredible indeed Look at this All teeth still in placeno damage at all Not even a small scar Even all the fins are perfect This is really one of the most beautiful pikes I have ever caught Just after those strange bites we gotI also casted in my baitwith a freshly knotted stopper

I see my float a bit strange high on the waterand what happened is; this fish striked the bait so hard that the stopper went all the way through the float So I didn't even see the bite Luckily it's not hooked deep Again a 70cm fish or so? – Yes something like that Shall I grab your rod? It's okay Beautiful fish! Perfectly hooked Think it's +- 75 cm or so? Lets put her back Nice fish with a lot of power No problem There he is Nice, got it! It's going well hoppa! Yes nice one again! Pike number 4? Number four indeed and on the same baitfish that Simon just got his pike on and we managed to save this baitfish again, it's the only nice baitfish we have left So, let's hope we can catch another one like this! That would be perfect Nice fish man Around 80 / 85 cm? – yes let's put it back Best release ever Got him! Not so big but a fish! It's coming up strange but a very nice fish again They are passive an fat today Nice one Number five? At the last moment 'Dutch joke' What did you catch him on? On the last moment! Heavy one Nice fatty, good colors and condtion Good girth for it's length Let's put it back again Had an awesome day Caught 5 fish overall? Missed and lost a couple

Lost quite some time on finding the fish and baitfishbut that's part of the game and Learned a lot today, new spotshad a good day

see you next time! I also enjoyed

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