Winter fishing – Fly fishing trips

It's April First fishing trip of the season

I'm with my brother There The serious driver And look still plenty of snow outside So the agenda of today is to get all the fishing gear out of the garage and stuff like that and actually make it to the river and see how it goes

This time of year in Finland around April april-ish we have the february-red hatching Gear is out of garage and we are on our way to Kuhmo The weather forecast looks cloudy but outside Beautiful blue sky

Alrighty We are here River Let's get license from there Mobile license

And then we go Excellent place for parking right no problem The place looks nice and let's see if there's any fish here The first good thing is the weather Lovely So never trust the weather forecast

It's always a good day to go fishing You never know, it might change or then it's a crappy weather and still you are out One surface ring spotted there My focus is to eat some snacks now One year and three days ago I posted my first ever vlog episode and it was filmed right about here in Kuhmo

Not this exact River but close by So this is kind of like a anniversary today I went for a swim Right The first place was nice sunshine pretty place it was quiet We saw few rings on the surface, didn't catch anything with some other fishermen and they had caught some fish

Little bit upstream from where we were so that's nice to hear and lovely day continues and this is the second place that we're going to check out that's a good sign There's quite a lot of snow I'm stuck sumari perho I think we'll try another place I think we can't drive there interesting weather sun is shining and it's snowing a little bit looks really magical I don't know if the snow is visible on the camera it looks pretty awesome No fish yet though

The conclusion, zero But excellent day All good, now we head back home And now, you, get out there!

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