What To Wear Fishing In Alaska

travel essentials what to pack wear fishing Alaska what to wear fishing in Alaska how to dress to fish in Alaska Alaska how to dress to stay warm dry Hi, it's AlaskaGranny I'm getting ready to do some deep sea fishing for halibut, and salmon, and I thought I would share travel essentials Alaska what I would wear to go out all day fishing in a boat the first thing you need to remember is don't bring anything cotton if you become wet you are going to dry more quickly and you are not going to be miserably cold and uncomfortable so first thing you want is your base layer so I always start with a t-shirt long underwear,and a long sleeve long underwear in a dri fit , dri climate type of clothing they are gonna keep me warm but not hold the moisture in and then you're gonna be comfortable next to your skin the next thing you want is a light weight long sleeve fleece tshirt these keep you incredibly warm, and is simple to take it on and off easily then I have a heavier fleece jacket with a zip so it's easy to take on and off you don't have to keep pulling everything over your head and then over that I wear a fleece vest I like the vest because it is not one more layer over your arms you can keeps your core warm you can add more layers or take them off and do what most comfortable for you make sure you have a lightweight Rain suit get the whole suit I have a jacket and pants in here they are lightweight and pack up in their own little bag they are simple to pack very intense rain storms you want to make sure you have something super heavy duty like Helly Hansen You want to have overalls and jacket make sure your jacket has a hood it's just not practical to not have to something to cover your head the rest of your outfit will include some heavy duty wool socks and neoprene boots make sure your boots are rubber and that they have a good sole for keeping traction whether you're on the beach or on the boat make sure you wear a cap with a brim under your hood deflects the water off your face making your trip more enjoyable I like to include a bandana to keep the wind off my neck and several pairs of gloves I like these these are exactly the warmest clothes but they're lightweight and so I can easily capture the fish hold onto that getting slime all over me but then when it gets cold go to my neoprene gloves make sure they don't have leaks before you head out of being dry is important to you I have waterproof shoes for wearing around the lodge or the base camp let me show you what's in my comfort kit baby wipes, sun screen, bug spray, eye drops, chapstick, an extra flashlight and I have a string around it to make sure if I need to keep it around my neck and I want to look down into my bag or into the fish holding tank I'm able to see what's going on easily I like to have is kind of a waterproof case in case I want to keep my phone or my fishing license, anything like that little important things, this keeps them dry make sure you bring a water proof stuff sack you want to make sure it's a dry sack and it's large enough for your things because you're gonna want to bring that along with you on your daily outing this one is Sea To Summit, and it works great it's very lightweight it does the trick of keeping all of the water out and a nice pair of polarized glasses Fishing is a lot of fun

It isn't just about remembering to bring your pole, your net, and your reel, you have to remember to prepare so you can enjoy the day because you dressed comfortably and you have things that you need Please subscribe AlaskaGranny channel alaskagrannycom

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