Whassup with Fly Fishing

((music)) [Ken Baker] I was told when I started that the biggest thrill you would get was after you tied your own fly [Jay Renken] And caught your first fish [Ken Baker] And caught your first fish on one

It does work [Jay Renken] Are you still waiting for that thrill? [Ken Baker] I’m waiting for that thrill I’m waiting to catch a fish now I’ve only been tying for 20 years and I’m waiting to catch my first fish The harassment you put up with from people who don’t fly fish [Jay Renken] It’s called camaraderie

[Ken Baker] Camaraderie [Jonathan Gonzalez] I just love it The fish are just beautiful fish And some of the places you go to, the scenery you would not believe You see a lot of wild stuff

I’ve seen bears, eagles, osprey, turkeys The scenery is great, the animals are great Love it [Diane Blair] This is one of the things that I really love about fly fishing, is passing that along to these young folks These kids that are 14 or 15 years old, they love the out of doors, they love to fish, they want to fly fish

So my job is to introduce them to fly fishing, teach them all about it, teach them about the flies, teach them how to cast, and really nurture that interest in the sport Because we just don’t have a lot of young folks doing it, frankly [Richard Blair] We’re both members of the Dallas Fly Fishers and Fort Worth Fly Fishers And actually we met about 11 years ago at one of our club auctions I spent some cash at the auction, and Di here happened to be taking the money at the end

We wound up getting married later on So fly fishing is a good way to find a husband or a wife, if you are in the market I’m one of the few guys, I think, that can say I spent my honeymoon salmon fishing in Alaska, and it was agreeable to both of us She’s a better fisherman than I am, she’s a better caster than I am, but she doesn’t enjoy it any more than I do [Diane Blair] That’s true

And we’re never home Our motto is, We fish, therefore we are, not home [Rex Taylor] What I’ve really enjoyed about it and what has kept me going with it is my daughter enjoys it It is something we have done together Going fishing together has been wonderful

Watching her catch her first fish on a fly rod was a wonderful experience And my daughter is also a certified instructor Going through that process of learning to cast, and then learning how to teach casting, is something where I could spend time with my daughter We traveled to different events, worked with different people, and it became an unusual item I could spend time with my daughter learning It’s just like you picked up the phone, said hello, oh, it’s for you, and you’re handing it to somebody else

And then just follow it down to the water [Taylor Walker] Stop Wait Stop Wait

Stop Wait ((music))

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