Viswedstrijd Westkapelle Strand 2016 – Sea Fishing Match Westkapelle Beach – Salt Water Passions

Sea Fishing Match Westkapelle Beach 2016 This time a Sea Fishing Match on Westkapelle Beach

This Beach near Westkapelle is great for a Sea Fishing Match There are many different methods to Fish this Beach For this Sea Fishing Match is a Beach Feeder Rod very good to use You can Catch Small Fish on Short Distance from Shore The Tronixpro Medusa Multi Tip 4

50m Rod is a perfect Beach Feeder Rod In this Sea Fishing Match it's allowed to use a Float to Catch Garfish just below the water surface This method of Sea Fishing can be done with the Tronixpro Medusa Multi Tip 450m Sea Fishing Rod On Westkapelle Beach you can Catch Fish the whole year around

For that reason there are many Sea Fishing Matches on Westkapelle Beach From October till April you can Catch On Westkapelle Beach Dab, Flounder, Whiting and Codling From May till September you can Catch Sea bass, Flounder, Sole, Garfish and lately more and more Smooth Hounds Hope you liked the video Sea Fishing Match Westkapelle Beach 2016 from Salt Water Passions and please give a Thumb Up Don't forget to SUBSCRIBE Salt Water Passions for all NEW Upcoming Videos

Tight LinesGreetzzz John and Sandra

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