Vissen op Meerval in Frankrijk [LIVE aanbeten!] – Catfish Quest #1

Good morning! We are on our way to the Lot, a new river for us, a bit more south this time We have heard there must be a lot of catfish in the south of France sothat's why we go there this time We have a long way to drive – 10+ hour drive but then we have arrived at our house and we will make the stuff ready to

be able to fish hard tormorrow Let's go! Yo Simon We are almost there, what are the plans? First we will put our stuff in the house, thenwe will buy some food for the next daysand if we then have time left, and it looks like it, we will put the boat on the river for some hoursjust to see what it looks like and where we should fish the next few days It's getting monotonous but I'm exited again 🙂 We have arrived at the Lot river What do you think of it? – There is some current, not too much so that's nice It's pretty wide and deep Yes it looks great, it's nice weather also

it was a nice drive towards here, especially the last hour Yes indeed! – And it was okay to do also

we expected it to be about 12/14 hour drivebut we did it within 11 hours And the time flies when you are exited to fish, right? So now it's time to open a beerjust enjoying the moment, then we go to the house to see what that looks likeand maybe we'll discover the river What are you doing Stef? I'm going to try and catch a fish The BBQ has been lit so we have to wait until the flames are outit will take some time before we can go eat And here is a nice little current that I will fish in the meantime I don't know what to expect but I will cast a dry fly in there and we'll see Cheers On a very successful trip already Yes indeed This already is worth the 10 hour drive So we have been barbecuing at the riversideyou have been flyfishing

without any result but heywe had a great sunset, a greatgreat weather conditions and a briljant barbeque A very nice BBQ indeed, with a good beer on the side Behind us is a garden shedowned by some happy Frenchmenwe managed to rent it via the internet, funny Via AirBNB, highly recommended Sadly there was no time left to go out with the boat anymore But that's what we will do tomorrow

First we go to sleep So let's go to bed and we'll be back at you completely GUTENMORGEN, I have had a good night sleep In this shed behind me, I will show you the inside It's really cool Good morning! – Morning Stef, eating breakfast nowsome nice coffee, croissants, pain chocolat, we have it all So let's eat the breakfast and then go and discover the river So we had a good sleep in here In our cosy tiny housewith a very cosy small bedI was punching my elbows in Simon's back all nightI can still feel them But we did sleep okay so that's nice I will show the rest of the house, here's the bathroom

just nice and tidyand the most important, a fridgethat's quite practical for usstuffed with worms 🙂 Yo Buying some groceries and then off to the water! Wow, hey Stef what are you doing I have a fish on! Wow on the first drift Yes it's a small fish but I think we were drifting for only 2 minutes and one fish came up alreadywithout using the clonk And he took the bait immediately The bite was hard too! Voilá The first catfish (in French) How cool! Yes indeed, we are fishing for only 5 minutes now, the first drifhalfway the first drift without clonking a fish comes upI'm reeling up my bait with the fish easily but the fish comes up so fast

and BAF

Super cool! The first one Yes the first of the trip on the first day We didn't know what to expect upfrontand still we don'tit can be a Lucky shotbut I don't think so, I think we are doing things right now That was a quick release Nice, fistbump! We just wanted to do rock, paper, scissors to find out who could get the first bite on the bobber

but hey it already came on the rod I had in my hand, how bizarre! So now the next fish is for Simon for sure Yo Simon, can you tell us how we are fishing? One rod in the handwith the bait under the boat, on the screen of the sonarrigged with a clonkteaser and worms And behind the boat is abobber rigged with a treble hook filled with worms on about 4 meters of depth just somewhere pelagically For a catfish that might be scared of the sonarit's more of an extra chance We have just found a very deep hole On an everage, the river is about 6 – 8 meters deep

and now we have found a spot where it's 14 meters of depth actually on a straight body of the river And on the edge of that holeis exactly where Stef caught the first one We start off with one drift completely without using the clonka nice silent and finesse approach Just by wiggling the bait is also how Stef caught his fish We didn't make the clonk wet yet It's more of a subtile approach and if, after a couple of drifts we don't get any action anymorewe will start clonking and see what happens Wauw! First there was one fish risingand came up all the way but didn't grab the bait

until we saw a second fish underneeth, looking bigger And that fish came up and took the bait! You can still see the fish on the sonar Hey this looks like a nice fish Simon there it comes I see him Cooool! Wow, very beautiful fish man Dude, we both have a catfish already Yes we are fishing for 4 drifts now! Yes this is a little bit nicer one What will it be? 130 m? Yes something like that – A bit similar to what Icaught in the previous catfish trip to France – Yes looks like it So, catfish number two! Wow what a nice fish, how big will it be, 130m? Yes something like that – between 130m and 1

40m? Really nice Super cool, such a nice way of fishing And this is only the first spot we fish Hahaha yes, the first spot we fish and we catch 2 catfish We have the idea that it could be good fishing next days! We didn't measure it but that doesnt matter so much Beautiul fish, first one for me, in total the second fish We have two bites and two fish in the boat so that's good It's heavy so I will put him back now Look him go! Okay next one for Stef A tradition: we need to celebrate the first catfish It came early so we will drink beer early And? It's even still cold, nice Yes that's the advantage of quick action We got another fish rising on this spot now, using the clonk So we will move to a next spot now, but we can always come back here But hey we have only seen one spot now We have only fished this 150 meters of the river I think there is enough to discover Yes exactly Something is happening right? YES! Yes got him! Haha a smallie A cute little small fish Nice colours on this fish, nice dark brown Yes it's beautiful indeed My second fish this trip how big will it be, 70-80 cm? A nice little baby Off to the next one Very fat little fis, they have enough to eat here Bye This morning and the beginning of afternoon it wasnice and without any wind, so we could make natural driftsusing the current of the river We had 4 bites and 3 fish in the boat Now there is some cloud cover coming in It's a little cooler so we have to wear a sweater again And drifting is also a bit less relaxt with the wind that came up so I have to do way more steering So we will try to find a spot that is more sheltered from the windso we have the chance to catch another fish This fish only bumped the bait

*sshole Yes? Yes? No! Again missed The idea is to have a nice BBQ Had a nice BBQ, now it's time to do a lastcouple of drifts in the evening hours, to see ifwe can get another bite And if not, it's okay becausethe day is complete already right, with three fish in the boatand some more bites and ativities, sofor a very first day it was brilliant butwe will just try and see if we can catch a last fish that would be very nice Wow, a lot of fish rising in here now, we are really in the last light of the day Had a lot of fish rising and a couple of subtle, nibbling bites Just bumping the bait a little bit And in the end, I believethere were three catfish on the screen, under the bait I saw three different signals under the bait And one of those took the bait very hard and out of nowhere It feels like a nice fish Yes there it is Hopla! – well that's a good fish my friend Yes, right? Beauty – That splitted tentacle, wow Yes it has some sort of double tentacle Wow it's running away Wow so cool, that was fish number 4 today, fistbump I think we will now get our stuff together, deflate the boat andhead to our beds so we can hit it again tomorrow I think so! Goodmorning! Day two today! So yesterday we have caught 4 catfish, very good for a very first day We caught most of them here just behind the bridge, so we will start off in there again today After that we are going to search for spots because tomorrow it will be sunny and without wind

so then we can fish perfectly and don't want to lose too much time on finding spots So that's what we will be doing today Nice big and fat worms We bought them at PS LifebaitsYou don't want to save money on good bait but this guy Roy, is doing it very good We left on saturday and

I asked him to deliver me the worms on friday so that

we didn't have them at home for too long That was not a problem and all are perfectly packed and as you can seeit are very nice worms and they are fresh and alive and kicking So that's for sure a good one I recommend Yes! Nice! – Lost it ah damn! But he is still there, drop the bait! It's coming up fast yes, now you have it! Yes! How does it feel? Not that big, somewhat smaller then the previous one Ah not that bad Coool! Got him! So cool! We had three bites on the first spot

of which Stef caught onenow it's time tohead to the next spot, let's see if we can make even as nice drifts in there as we could here Yes! Well Simon, This means it is my turn again now! – Yes indeed A fish of about 80 cm? Yes something like that Bye! This morning started a bit drizzly with some rain andsome cloud cover, but now the sky is clearing! We are looking for some new spots againand now we have found a place with 15 – 16 meters op depth, wow Yes this really smells like a good fishing spot – Look at that drop off A lot of dirt on the drop off This really looks promising again yes, got him! Number three! Yes? hit it man! I'm rigging the hook with new worms again because I just got a bite And when you reel it in then, there are several worms missing again Aaaand yes, got him Good job Yes! Strike on video So cool! Hey that's number four! One more and we broke our day record! Crushed it! ah no, just broke it Your first really small fish of the trip yes but a fish is a fish Go and grow bigger Got him! And number five, another small fish Well this is probably the smallest catfish I have ever caught, I hope it will stay like this It's biting mi thumb right now Bye bye my boy! Fish number six today Hey number 10 of the trip! But a very careful bite it was But it does have both of the hooks in it's mouth Good one Hopla! Number six! It's going good like this This is one of the better fish of today right Yes this is a very nice one indeed Well that was number six for todaywe measured the fish and it was 104cm And The hook are completely empty, it has taken off all the worms

So time for me to do the rigging We are now in the middle of our last drift todaythe sun just disappearedit's starting to get dark so it's time to

wrap up the day But hey, yesterday I caught a nice fish in the sunsetso I think we will continue for 10 minutes or so Yes! Well this fish went very far There were two fish under my bait at the same timeand this one was the top onea different fish that looked a bit bigger was beneath so I tried that one at first but id didn't reactand when I reeled up the bait very fast

this fish wasn't scared but just came up with the bait It grabbed the bait but I missed him, the fis stayed under the boat Then I dropped the bait again, just a bit too fast like really on top of it's headbut it was lying with it's mouth open, so it took immediately And there it goes again Yes! I just said to Stef

these are the last couple of clonks and then we head home again But then a fish came up again And it's a nice fish The biggest so far I think – yes without doubt But I was allowed to fish for 'that fish' And he was swimming a

couple of times very shallow around 2 or 3 meters of depthso then it's very hard to keep it on the screen of the sonar But it turned out good, and he grabbed the bait

and it's on the hook nowand I'm very happy Yes got him ! This what we came for right? Indeed! On the very last stretch of the drifta last couple of conksand a fish came up Came up to look at the bait a couple of times, came up higher and higherwe were above 12 meters of water

and I believe we were around 3 meters with the bait

And bof, he took it Good fight, And this is him! Shall we measure it? – sure! We measured it on 134m

but it's fat and heavy built That's why it is so heavy and so strong So cool, time to release him yes see you later okay time to go home To organise things and

put on dry clothes and so on But what an insane day, this was fish number eight? Incredible, first day 4 fish, today 8 fishand the coolest is, we still have 3 days left! So cool!

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