Urban Fishing Day Trip in Toronto, Canada

Our most surprising find in Toronto is that you can go fishing in the city Andy is an avid fisherman but I am new to fishing

So what is great about Urban Fishing is, you don't have to go far to do it, making it incredibly easy, super affordable and very sustainable It´s also a fantastic starting point for someone like me who wants to try fishing but may not want to spend all day In Toronto you can go fishing and still have time in your day go dancing or whatever else you like Are you ok Steph? Keep the line tense, a bit of pressure, basically you have to keep that hook in the fish's mouth I have just tried carp fishing for the first time, and I caught my first fish

This is Purple, who we caught in lake Ontario, doing some urban fishing here in Toronto We're in the Spadina bay in Toronto, and I am with Dave Clark I am going to ask Dave a few questions What are the advantages of urban fishing here? For people it´s time and convenience, and ease of access You don't have to drive up north, you can easily go after work, and it only takes a few minutes to get to the spot

You can cycle, walk or take the TTC So, it´s very convenient to come down here and fast To take your family, instead of a 4-hour ride out into the countryside Yes, you save on petrol Could you name some places to fish in when they come to Toronto? Humber Bay Park, Toronto Island, The Inner Harbour, The Outer Harbour, Ashbridge's Bay, Tommy Thompson Park, Bluffers Park

And where are we now? Spadina Quay on the Inner harbour Ok, yes we just caught some fish too, so all good Yes, it was awesome We're catching carp now, but what other species of fish, can we expect to catch in this area? We can catch Pike, Largemouth, Small mouth Bass, ´Perch, Panfish, Garpike, Catfish, Bullhead, Bullfin, lots of different species By season the fish you chase, go on as well as Salmon and Trout I saw a Salmon jumping the other day

What should someone know, if they wanted to come and fish here? A Rod License, those kinds of things, permissions , what do we need to do? You can go on the Ministry of Natural Resources website in Ontario and get your fishing license online You need to know that you can only use one rod here in Ontario, Canada and there are limits on how many fish you can take We try to promote catch and release, but you can take some fish home, you just have to read the regulations for the zone you fishing Ok, there are signposts and information everywhere Alright, that´s everything, thanks for your time

Let´s go and catch a few more fish now

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