Unexpected Catch! Pike Fishing in Holland

So, today I'm with Jean-Michel From France, talks a little bit of Englishso we try to communicate a bit butit's going to be fun, we will target some pike, some perch,

maybe some zander so we will see what happens So this morning we did some fishing for zander and perchbut it was really slow and now the sun came outso we thought maybe it's a good idea to find some pike on the shallowsNow we are using the new Gunki OTACHI jerkbaita fantastic glider jerkbait and we are trying to find some pike First fish in the boat Good job! – With the OTACHI The new OTACHI jerkbait Very nice bye bye! Than you – Good job! (WTF?) So, what's happening?! We are fishing for pike, right? And now, what is in the net? Nice one Good strike! nice You are on a roll my man! What are you doing? Stron, strong fighter There he is! Good job! – Thank you Simon Nice pike, good job

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