Hello and welcome to Top 5 Brand Today, we are counting down the top 5 weirdest deep sea creatures The pelican eel, also known as the gulper eel, is an eel that has earned its name because of the way its mouth resembles the beak of a pelican It can open up its big mouth and use it as a net for scooping up prey, which consists mainly of small crustaceans

The pelican eel also has an organ at the end of its tail that glows in a pinkish color and is speculated to attract prey Speaking of big mouths, this next creature is literally called "Megamouth" Like the whale shark and the basking shark, the megamouth swims with its mouth wide open, filtering plankton and jellyfish out of the water A very rare species of shark, the first megamouth seen by humans was accidentally discovered in 1976, when it became entangled in the anchor of a US Navy ship From then until january 2015, only 61 specimens have been caught or seen, an average of 1 or 2 per year

The next creature on the list is also a shark The goblin shark is a very distinct looking creature, even for a deep sea animal It has a long and flat snout, a protruding, extendable jaw and razor-sharp teeth The goblin shark is one very sneaky fish Because of its low-density body, it can remain motionless and just let iself float up to its prey, which would be pretty much whatever it can find

Some specimens were even found to have eaten human garbage The blobfish is a fish that is found off the coast of Australia and New Zealand Like the goblin shark, the blobfish has very low-density flesh, which allows it to kind of float around above the sea floor Then, it just waits around for edible matter to float into its mouth Above water, the body of the fish decompresses and becomes a weird-looking heap of flesh

Because of this, the blobfish was actually voted the "World's Ugliest Animal" in 2013 We are ending this list with the tiniest creature of the five, but also one of the weirdest you could ever think of The black swallower is a deep sea fish that is famous for having the ability to swallow prey much bigger than itself Its very stretchable stomach allows it to swallow fish twice the length of the swallower itself Sometimes they even swallow a prey so big, that it can't even be digested before it starts to rot in their stomach

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