Top 5 Deep Sea Creature Caught on Tape

We all know that about 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water This is a significant mass as compared to what we have under land

Of course this may have reduced due to the effects of global warming but the fact remains that a great percentage of the earth is under water This being the case, we have decided to try and dig the undersea to find out what type of creatures actually exist in there that we may not have seen or known about So here are 5 Sea Creatures You Won't Believe Actually Exist! Lets begin! 5 Sea Pig The sea pig actually just looks like a pig They are mainly found in the deep seas and have a pinkish appearance just like the pigs

They have 5 to 8 pairs of legs that inflate and deflate under the water to help them float or sink in water They also have pairs of tentacles on the head that help with its sensory functions and also for walking purposes And as you probably didnt know, the ring of feeding tentacles on its mouth help it to feed on mud from under sea 4 Black Swallower The Black Swallower was named as such due to its characteristic feeding style

It is mainly found in tropical and subtropical seas and loves to feed on bony fishes It is said that the black swallower has the capability of swallowing prey that is twice as big as its very own head This is made possible by the fact that its lower jaw can protrude past the upper jaw It attacks its prey by tail and swallows it whole before the prey has enough time to say “spare me” The structure of this unique creature is such that the stomach is its greatest characteristic

3 Pyura Chilensis The Pyura Chilensis is one of the strangest creatures ever found under water From its appearance, you can barely determine the head from the body It in fact looks like it is just a huge mass of organs that have been lamped together and all you have to do is get the organs out and eat it And yes, it is actually a favorite delicacy in several parts of this world

You will be amazed at the things people eat in this world By looking at this strange creature, one can easily confuse it to a rock The skin looks purely like a sea rock which is why it is sometimes referred to as a Living Rock 2 Colossal Squid The colossal squid is just as the name suggests

It is extremly huge Many of you might have heard of the giant squid but the colossal squid is bigger than the giant squid Actually, it could be the size of a bus It has huge arms and tentacles that are lined with teeth and are used to chew on prey The limbs have three pointed hooks that are definitely used as a weapon in cases of sudden emergency

The body of this creature is even bigger with a stout and strong appearance It is capable of even scarring the giant sperm whales So next time you think of venturing under sea, think of the colossal squid 1 Lamprey The lamprey is among the strangest under sea creature that will definitely surprise you

This is because of its unique characteristics that range from queer feeding habits to insane survival tactics For those of you who have watched “Dreamcatcher”, this animal could easily pass as the elder brother of the warm-like creature that killed Beaver The lamprey has no jaw and has a funnel-like mouth that has plenty of teeth around it It uses this to attack prey and suck blood off of it While plenty of these species have parasitic characteristics, they do not feed as adults but instead depend on the larvae that lives inside their bodies

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