Things to Do in Kauai, Hawaii – Deep Sea Fishing

The chickens are crowing, the sun has yet to rise, but I'm wide awake because I'm about to go deep sea fishing, with Captain Jude of Deep Sea Fishing Kauai Anything bigger than that would be great

Can we just have you go home with a lure? The lures are bigger than that Let's get it fired up and we'll get out of here This is Kauai native, Captian "J" and his right hand man, Jeff They have a combined 50 years of deep sea fishing experience So our lines are in the water, the sun is rising behind us and now we just have to wait

So if you get tired just try to stay on it, keep driving on it, it's only going to take me a couple of seconds to get the deck set and then I'm gonna be over there to help you Stay on the reel Whatever you do, don't stop reeling! Let's go get a fish! When a fish is on, what are we gonna say? The first thing you're gonna her is "CONTAK," we start screaming "CONTAK" Usually you hear two girls screaming, that's usually me and Jeff If that's going on, you got CONTAK

"CONTAK, CONTAK!" WHOooO! We got something on I don't know what it is We're gonna have to find out! Right now what we're trying to do is get the deck clear because we don't know what's on the line I can barelyWe're gonna put her in the chair Ready, here we go wow, =my right arm is burning You wanna lean down into him, and then pull back

Alright, it's close It's right here! Wohoo! It's a crazy fish, watch out for the hook It's a Mahi Mahi, beautiful green yellow color Wow! Alright good job Courtney Thanks guys

You're very welcome There's nothing quite like catching your own dinner and then eating it at the local restaurant later on and that's exactly what we plan to do tonight, right Captain? You got it, here's your catch Thank you! Next head to Kauai Island Brewery where the chef will prepare your fresh catch any way you like After a thrilling day at sea, dinner is served!

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