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29 Aug

New Water: Tugby Lake for Whiteshell Brook Trout

We just finished up helping at the Falcon Lake Winter Fish Off, which was a super fun event, but now it's our turn to catch some fish We're in Jackson's Lodge and Outpost cabin on Echo Lake with Andrew Klopak and Michelle Trudeau Yesterday we rode in through George and […]

23 Aug

FISHLOVER Backyard Fish Pond Fresh Water

fish pond

21 Aug

Deep Water (27 meters?!) GIANT PIKE through the Ice | Team Galant ft. Hajmat

As usual when I am going ice fishing there's a snow storm! You would think that we had come to Mount Everest We have the first flag of the day so we run, and we are going to get a big one! There's a pike on the rise What the […]

15 Aug

Fishing for Flounder/Fluke – Skubba – Water Wolf – GoPro – Öresund

Lovely! Yes You can keep the shrimp!

14 Aug

Catching Redfish and Making Waves in a Texas Marsh (Sight Casting in Skinny Water)

alright ladies and gentlemen we are in the marsh i've already caught a bunch of slot reds pretty much play time oh it was cold cold cold this morning but it has warmed up nicely let's go see if we can find some reds to pick on picking on reds […]

08 Aug

Fresh Trout – How to Cook this Delicate Fresh Water Fish. fried fish recipe

I'm your family's personal chef Mike Moses I live on the east coast of Nova Scotia I have access to all kinds of fishing and coming up today we're going to cook trout that is if I can catch one if you like this video please don't forget to click […]

04 Aug

Flounder VS Cod in Water Wolf video – Dock/shore – Mete Skrubba/plattfisk

– Cod? I'll be damned! – Thought it was sea trout! – So tiny Looks nice! Don't think you can use the rod – Done! Bye-bye! Great! Now we know there are fish down there Congrats buddy! – Thanks! – Aha! Aha! Back! I just love these guys!

02 Aug

Incredible Rural Village Fish Market । Catching catfish by hand In Mud water | fishing | NatureOfBD

in the world from one side the shepherds of it there is no one else in sweet of all peoples m i nothing very loose in this way I Sea i today see your hand Y choose good with the pin and to the people very good Y william a […]

27 Jul

How To Survive a Tornado on the Water!

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25 Jul

Salt Water Fishing Porn

[Music] [Deep building pounding music] Oh! look at that fish go [pounding music] There he goes! there he is! Alright! [Music] {drag] Look at em!! Alright! [Music] {reel Drad] [driving Music] There he is! Alright! Good fish [Music] [Music change in beat] [ Music pounding] Set the hook! Set the […]