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13 Aug


Alright there i honestly not got a clue,if anyone could help me classify this i dont know if its some little weever a little goby, as i say honestly at this point i have not got a clue what this is this other rods been going while this one came […]

11 Aug

Eastney Fishing For Flatties | Portsmouth Mid February UK

Hello guys welcome Back Yeah fishing up at Eastney today for a few hours fishing it up until high water Yeah we are inline with this mark by the gates walk out, then walk along the beach just slightly There we go just by the gates here here we go […]

08 Aug

#9 – Missie Meerval – deel 2 – UK Team, Fishing for Ebro catfish

Hello everyone, welcome to a second catfish video That's right, a second video already Niall and David, our team members from England went to the Ebro river in Spain The Ebro river is catfish mekka, according to David They had a wonderful fishing trip and of course we'll share their […]

28 Jul

[穎仔英倫生活] 英國出海船釣 Deep Sea Fishing @ UK (Eng Sub)

Finally, the weather in th UK is not too cold I am waiting for my friends now We are going to Deep See Fishing today!!!! The weather forecast said that today will be sunny But now, where is the sun? Hope it wont be too cold I like seaside of […]

25 Jul

Part 2 – Mullet Masterclass – UK Saltwater fly fishing

Hi Im colin macleaod Ive been invited to this year's UK saltwater fly fishing festival down here in st mawes to give advice on mullet I started off fly fishing for trout, and spent many years doing that, but when I moved to the south of england, it was really […]