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12 Sep

Kayak Trout Fishing at Lake Chabot

yo what's up guys we're back at it at Chabot! I'm heading over to Raccoon Point let's go guys! yo what's up guys we are at raccoon point raccoon point homies out here al ready fishing they have a couple on and let's see what we can get Music Any […]

11 Sep

Trout Fishing, & Mountain Pass Driving to PNW

morning everybody heading out of here good day 50 degrees through the sister you pass so we should be good today shouldn't hit me snow or ice in a day time there are lots of snow-capped mountains by the way that's the first trout I've caught in about nine months […]

10 Sep

Hyung, can we eat trout? Mingyu & Seungkwan go trout fishing! [Battle Trip/2017.02.18]

(Mingyu and Seungkwan's day trip) (Pyeongchang Trout Festival) Let's go As someone who's gone trout fishing, fishing skills aren't important You just need to wait All you need to do is pull out after waiting (Pyeongchang Trout Festival, till February 25th) (A winter festival for people of all ages) They're […]

09 Sep

Nature’s Calling – Trout Fishing, MoNASP, Snow Geese (Mar 2018)

Welcome to this month’s Nature’s Calling, I’m Lucas Bond with the Missouri Department of Conservation Are you fishing for something new to try this spring? If so why not get out and discover nature by trout fishing at one of Missouri’s four trout parks All you need is a rod […]

08 Sep

Can I catch trout on all FIVE lures? Colorado Ice Fishing Slam

hey what's up everybody my name is CJ and I believe that anyone can catch fish whether you're a beginner or on a budget I have chosen five different types of lures and I want to catch a fish on each one of those five types of lures So that […]

07 Sep

Bad Weather Trout Fishing at Lake Chabot

oh man maybe I should have left a little bit earlier oh shoot oh man oh I lost my fish oh oh oh man are you kidding me what's up guys we're back at it so it rained all last night and it rained two days ago I was here […]

06 Sep

Fly Tying the Rusty Oliver Emerger Fly Fishing Pattern for Trout – Ep 108 PF

Hi fly tyers Darren here welcome back to another fly tying tutorial today we're gonna be tying a pattern I call the rusty olive a merger we've got a little bit of a ginger hackle up top and underneath that it's supported by an olive CDC feather and on the […]

05 Sep

#1 Top 10 New Orleans Fishing Charters in Louisiana For Redfish and Trout

New Orleans Fishing Charters it lol after shelling a new orleans-style fishing charters here as a local a feed I've made my living on these waters all my life continue to do so today as a full-time fishing guide I take pride in my job then we'll show you the […]

05 Sep

How To Catch Lake Trout Ice Fishing

My name is Robert Keith I'm the regional fisheries supervisor for the Wyoming Game and Fish Department We're out on Flaming Gorge today to see if we can find some small lake trout; lake trout less than 28 inches One of the really important tools for fishing for small lake […]

04 Sep

Trout Fishing Up North

Got one Alright! Hey cool man Look at that Alright (Finally caught a trout) That's awesome (Brown trout) That's sweet, that's really cool I thought you said he was dead no I said he sleeps with the fishes There you go Decent perch Alright well there goes my Dilly but […]