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04 Sep

Bull Red Fishing with Popping Corks on the Neuse River North Carolina

<Blair>Come on fish There is a fish >>Yes sir What's he doing? What the heck is it? It's a sail cat He's fixing to wake up No he aint a baby that aint no baby look at that pig Great Day! Let's go then <Blair>Pogey just flipped right there <Mike>That […]

23 Aug

Baffin Bay Fishing South Texas Red and Sea Trout Topwater Blowups

>>The bucket list is getting full Oh, oh here we go >>I want to see one of those toilet flush blow ups >>Blow it up right there! Ohh little trout! >>I saw his tail stick up >>There he is I find if i can get that lure to make that […]

18 Aug

Bull Red Fishing Rig Inshore Tackle Setup Capt Blair Wiggins Rods

<Narrator> Rig It Right by Wright & McGill <Blair> On today's Rig It Right, I'm gonna show you what Capt Jamie and I were out there using We were using Trokar circle hooks by Eagle Claw and these are 8/0 awts and let me show you how we were rigging […]

16 Aug

Best Charter Fishing Guide in New Orleans Louisiana for Red Fish – Fishing Reports

Fishing New Orleans Louisiana Charter Fish Reports In NOLA Hello, Capt Jason Shilling of "New Orleans Style Fishing Charters" here As a local of Lafitte I've made a living on these waters all my life and continue to do so today As a full time fishing guide I take pride […]

05 Aug

Offshore Fishing Trip: 25lb Red Snapper

(music starts) Capt Chad: Oh yeah its on, its on! Chad: Alright its stopped Click it, give it about two cranks and just wait for him to bite it And when he bites it I'm already getting a bite Pop it to 'em like that and reel 'em in Jeremy: […]

25 Jul

Red Drum Fishing at an ABANDONED Dock!

Shh! It's jumping around (Don't horse it!–) Alright everyone, so we are in Melbourne, Florida right now, we've got Killian on the drone, and he's really looking for some trails or paths that we can use to take to the water um, we're going to be doing some wade fishing […]