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03 Sep

Snoeken in Zweden deel 1/ Pike fishing in Sweden part 1 (English and dutch subtitles)

He he finally we arrived in Sweden We're on a holiday with the whole family Hopefully we get some time to fishbecause we go to two houses by the water The first house Villa Sunshine is still a seven-hour drive Villa Sunshine lies in the middle of Sweden The next […]

10 Aug

2016 IFA Boaters and Kayak Championship, Part 2

– [Paul] He went on past it John – [Narrator] Welcome to St Bernard Parish, Louisiana This is the final day of the 2016 IFA Redfish Tour Championship presented by Cabela's – [John] I'm going down Actually let me see if I can get a shot of it at least […]

03 Aug

Tips for introducing your kids / children to fishing Part 1 of 2 : Ultimate Fishing

For many people, one of the best parts about being a fisherman, is passing on the love of the sport But when you teach a child to fish, whether it's your child, your niece / nephew, grandchildren or other kids you are mentoring as part of a community youth program […]

01 Aug

Trolling in Norway. Part 2: Big trout on Mjøsa

Its on You have to take up the rig Ready No It get loose F Its gone? – yes, F Yes, its was terrible Extremely pain to watch the big beast get loose But we never give up We slept and fished in turn You will very tired with over […]

28 Jul

2017 IFA Boaters Championship – Part 2

(gentle rock music) – [Announcer] Last week, 111 of the best redfish teams in the country launched from Venice Marina, kicking off day one of the 2017 IFA Redfish Tour Championship, presented by Cabella's And the defending champions? They're back on top – You know, with 17 25 and the […]

25 Jul

Part 2 – Mullet Masterclass – UK Saltwater fly fishing

Hi Im colin macleaod Ive been invited to this year's UK saltwater fly fishing festival down here in st mawes to give advice on mullet I started off fly fishing for trout, and spent many years doing that, but when I moved to the south of england, it was really […]

25 Jul