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10 Sep

Chasing Catfish for a weekend – Meerval – Silure – Waller Fishing

It's 3:05 am, what on earth are we doing in the car? We're going fishing What are we going to do? We're going to try to catch a catfishso let's go Coffee! thanks! A new river so it will be searching again for usbut we hope to get at least […]

09 Aug

Vissen op Meerval in Frankrijk [LIVE aanbeten!] – Catfish Quest #1

Good morning! We are on our way to the Lot, a new river for us, a bit more south this time We have heard there must be a lot of catfish in the south of France sothat's why we go there this time We have a long way to drive […]

08 Aug

#9 – Missie Meerval – deel 2 – UK Team, Fishing for Ebro catfish

Hello everyone, welcome to a second catfish video That's right, a second video already Niall and David, our team members from England went to the Ebro river in Spain The Ebro river is catfish mekka, according to David They had a wonderful fishing trip and of course we'll share their […]