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12 Sep

How to Fly Fish : What is a Good Beginner’s Fly Fishing Rod?

Right here what I got in my hand is what we called T-three Orvis med flex six weight rode It is a nine foot rod This is a great rod for a new beginner It got great flexibility and it got great action The reel is what we call a […]

11 Sep

How to Fly Fish : How to Cast: Fly Fishing Tips for Beginners

So what I'm going to do is started out with just basically showing how you should cast the basic casting So first thing remember your right hand is your control hand excuse me your casting hand, left hand is your control hand What we what to do we are going […]

06 Sep

Fly Tying the Rusty Oliver Emerger Fly Fishing Pattern for Trout – Ep 108 PF

Hi fly tyers Darren here welcome back to another fly tying tutorial today we're gonna be tying a pattern I call the rusty olive a merger we've got a little bit of a ginger hackle up top and underneath that it's supported by an olive CDC feather and on the […]

05 Sep

Whassup with Fly Fishing

((music)) [Ken Baker] I was told when I started that the biggest thrill you would get was after you tied your own fly [Jay Renken] And caught your first fish [Ken Baker] And caught your first fish on one It does work [Jay Renken] Are you still waiting for that […]

31 Aug

My First (EVER) River Fly Fishing Trout! Poudre River Fort Collins Colorado

Hey everyone, my name is CJ and I believe everyone can catch trophy fish with enough persistence And I hope I can prove it today Well, I don't expect to catch a trophy fish but I am going to do something new for the first time I have a fly […]

30 Aug

Fly Fishing for Trout Despite Car Problems (Never Give Up)

Well that's gonna end the fly fishing trip early Yeah that's not ideal We made it, I watched my temperature gauge I kept an eye on it watched it like a hawk and we seem to be all good now so yeah I still want to address that leak when […]

29 Aug

Fly Fishing South Carolina’s Salt Flats

We're on the North Edisto River going after redfish on the fly You can catch them in a variety of ways, but there's something about catching them on the fly I love fishing I love the sport of fishing I've gotten lucky I've been able to make my living doing […]

26 Aug

How to tie Borski’s Redfish Slider – Great fly for redfish and sea trout, brown shrimp imitation

Hey, thanks for joining me Today we are going to tie the Borski's Redfish Slider I am going to be using the Gamakatsu SS15 hook But any saltwater long shank hook will work We are going to start by wrapping our thread half way down the shank of the hook […]

25 Aug

Fly fishing Instruction for beginners and improvers

learning how to cast a fly can be difficult because you can't watch yourself while you cast to see what you're doing right or doing wrong the best solution is to spend a few hours with a qualified game angling instructor we recommend beginners take their first lesson on a […]

25 Aug

FLY TV – Dry Fly Sea Trout Fishing in Denmark

Welcome to FLY TV – My name is Steffan Jensen – I am Allan Pedersen Today, we are doing this: – We are wading on a reef or a plateau – There is so much food for them in here Gobies, sticklebacks, gammarus, bugs What a fatty! It looked like […]