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27 Aug

How to Pull the Guts Out of Flounder | Fish Filleting

So today we're going to break down a flounder I'm just going to talk quickly about what to look for on the fish, then we're actually going to go over fileting it, taking it apart, and then we'll go over skinning So what you really need to know about when […]

26 Aug

How to Make Your Initial Flounder Cuts | Fish Filleting

What you want to do is you want to start off with a point A to start your cut, and then get to a point B Point A is actually starting up around their eyes over here, because what they have is a skull that kind of goes around Their […]

25 Aug

How to Take the Skin off Flounder | Fish Filleting

Once you've broken down your four fillets, you can always save the bones, clear out the row and whatever guts may be left and you can actually use the bones to make a really wonderful fish soup or fish stock, which will last for months in your freezer What we're […]