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08 Sep

Can I catch trout on all FIVE lures? Colorado Ice Fishing Slam

hey what's up everybody my name is CJ and I believe that anyone can catch fish whether you're a beginner or on a budget I have chosen five different types of lures and I want to catch a fish on each one of those five types of lures So that […]

31 Aug

My First (EVER) River Fly Fishing Trout! Poudre River Fort Collins Colorado

Hey everyone, my name is CJ and I believe everyone can catch trophy fish with enough persistence And I hope I can prove it today Well, I don't expect to catch a trophy fish but I am going to do something new for the first time I have a fly […]

31 Jul

The best Colorado Fly Fishing Trips w/ best flyfishing guides. 970-237-5900

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29 Jul

Budget Ice Fishing for Beginners at the City Park, Fort Collins Colorado

Well we're gonna have a good day if it's easy like this Hello, everybody Gonna have a little bit of a different video today I have had a really bad cold all week We've had very cold weather, so I came back to the city park It's not great I […]