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04 Sep

Bull Red Fishing with Popping Corks on the Neuse River North Carolina

<Blair>Come on fish There is a fish >>Yes sir What's he doing? What the heck is it? It's a sail cat He's fixing to wake up No he aint a baby that aint no baby look at that pig Great Day! Let's go then <Blair>Pogey just flipped right there <Mike>That […]

25 Jul

Deaf Saltwater Fishing North Carolina in 2017

Hi My name Daren Thigpen For Fishing Deaf Outdoor an Adventure ! You're a interested for question enjoyed Your objective angler how you do feeling ? Feeling like go to out the beach on fishing Tell you asking for what to do this ! Where you need to reason with […]

25 Jul

First Time Fishing in North Carolina! (Raleigh, NC)

(Energetic gritty funk music playing) (Music fades out) Hey! I made it, I'm here in North Carolina That was a long drive, it sucked real bad But, I just finished work, it's monday I'm gonna go fishing for the first time, I already got my license So, let's try to […]