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31 Jul

Urban Fishing Day Trip in Toronto, Canada

Our most surprising find in Toronto is that you can go fishing in the city Andy is an avid fisherman but I am new to fishing So what is great about Urban Fishing is, you don't have to go far to do it, making it incredibly easy, super affordable and […]

30 Jul

Tom Litzer 16mm Film to Video (B): Ontario, Canada Fishing Trip October 1940

Leslie (Buster) Litzer (1919-2016) remembers this trip being made in October 1940 before Leslie went into the US Army Les remembered driving up towards Ranier, MN and Fort Frances, Ontario Les remembered that one of two rented boats conked out; the plugs needed replacement to get it running In the […]

29 Jul

Salmon Gill Net Fishing 2016

for more fishing videos there's a link in the description

28 Jul

Lake Nipigon Walleye Fishing – on steroids


27 Jul

Besnard Lake Fishing Trip

Hey guys, we are in Besnard Lake which is a world class fishing destination in Northern Saskatchewan We are here to catch some Northern Pike and some Walleye This is about the fifth in my life I've ever fished, so wish me luck, this is going to be a blast! […]

26 Jul

Ontario Walleye and Big Pike; Fly In Fishing- Larry Smith Outdoors TV

(music) Alright team! Charge! (take me out on the water) We eat! Fish Eat! (way out in the woods) (where the breathing is easy the living is good) (out in the great outdoors) And welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors We're sponsored by the Badger Sportsman Magazine, Bartlein Barrels, Warrior Boats, […]

25 Jul