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10 Sep

Coat Hanger Bait rig – Best Cut/Whole Bait Rig For freshwater or saltwater or squid trolled baits.

Hello! Today I am going to show you how to make a Catfish rig tool from a coat hanger We're going to cut the coat hanger up and cut a reverse notch in it We'll form a blade first and cut the notch I'll show you how we use the […]

04 Sep

Best Ever Catfish Fishing tip, Hot dog bait rig for Channel Blue Flathead Wels Ginch Cats

I'd like to show you this Catfish Rig We use a slip sinker and tie an open ended knot I like to use a surgeons knot to make loop We put that onto our snap swivel This will be for any type of bigger catfish Handle almost any kind and […]

24 Aug

Cabo San Lucas Fishing Charters | Voted Best Fishing in Cabo San Lucas

Cabo San Lucas fishing charters since 1998 Heading to Cabo San Lucas to fish? Contact BajaRaiders com "Cabo San Lucas Fishing charters" is the absolute best fishing in the world for deep sea fishing or fly fishing Fishing with Baja Raiders Sport Fishing Charters in Cabo San Lucas offers you […]

21 Aug

Bow Fishing Videos for the best bow fishing for beginners & youth

Bowfishing videos for the best bow fishing for beginners, youth and all bow fisherman that love bowfishing

16 Aug

Best Charter Fishing Guide in New Orleans Louisiana for Red Fish – Fishing Reports

Fishing New Orleans Louisiana Charter Fish Reports In NOLA Hello, Capt Jason Shilling of "New Orleans Style Fishing Charters" here As a local of Lafitte I've made a living on these waters all my life and continue to do so today As a full time fishing guide I take pride […]

13 Aug


Alright there i honestly not got a clue,if anyone could help me classify this i dont know if its some little weever a little goby, as i say honestly at this point i have not got a clue what this is this other rods been going while this one came […]

12 Aug

Best Flounder Surprise Uncommon Pompey Relic ~ Platichthys Flesus ~ Sea Fishing

HELLO WELCOME BACK Fishing down at weevil creek Going to be a bit of a roving session Fish this mark up and over High water and as the tide is droping off , going to walk over, Fish off rats island During the summer its a great little mark along […]

03 Aug

Best Oahu Deep Sea Fishing

Best Oahu Deep Sea Fishing You’re about to discover the best Oahu deep sea Fishing… Plenty of fun! Plenty of fish! Plenty of massive mogans!!! Call Now or visit oahufishingcom For the best Oahu deep sea fishing charters for you & your crew Specialists are standing by to helping you […]

31 Jul

The best Colorado Fly Fishing Trips w/ best flyfishing guides. 970-237-5900

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31 Jul

Best Trout and Salmon Fishing in New Brunswick

(gentle music) – The thing I like the most is that most of our staff, whether it's a guy doing layout in a cut block or whether it's a contractor, those guys are the same guys who are usually out on their time off on the weekend fishing and hunting […]