Tag : Adventure

31 Aug

Boat Fishing For Pike – A Piking Adventure

I I honestly, I don't think I'd mind no honestly I wouldn't give a **** I wouldn't be like "but I got it from a" it just wouldn't have any impact on me either way *sighs* well yeah yeah see in a way I'd rather catch a 20 from a […]

28 Jul

Sarah’s Fishing Adventure

oh look we have mail I wonder what it is? A post card from grandpa! He's at his cabin for the summer in Anchorage, Alaska Dear Sarah, I'm having a wonderful time at my cabin in Alaska Since it is the summer the temperatures aren't too cold yesterday it got […]

26 Jul

One day fishing adventure with my friend/കുട്ടുകാരനുമായുള്ള മീൻ പിടുത്തം

hey hello everyone welcome back to doctor fishing i hope you guys enjoying the videos Hey today me and my friend decided to go for a one day fishing adventure we are hoping to cover at least 3 lakes we are targeting rainbow trout, walleye and pikes mainly watch till […]