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18 Aug

Top 5 Offshore Kayak Fishing Tips

This episode of Kayak Fishing Tales is brought to you by the ACA Improving the paddle sports experience for over a century Learn more at AmericanCanoeorg As the sport of kayak fishing continues to explode in popularity, more and more people are putting their skills to the test offshore And […]

14 Aug


Hello and welcome to Top 5 Brand Today, we are counting down the top 5 weirdest deep sea creatures The pelican eel, also known as the gulper eel, is an eel that has earned its name because of the way its mouth resembles the beak of a pelican It can […]

13 Aug

Top 5 Deep Sea Creature Caught on Tape

We all know that about 71 percent of the Earth’s surface is covered by water This is a significant mass as compared to what we have under land Of course this may have reduced due to the effects of global warming but the fact remains that a great percentage of […]

12 Aug

Discover Documentary #5 | Deep Sea

[MUSIC PLAYING] [PURRING] [GASPING] The world we live in is pretty weird It's filled with things you never see coming Make America great again But most of the Earth's surface is ocean So what's going on down there? [MUSIC PLAYING] Museums Victoria has two collections filled with creatures from the […]

11 Aug

5 Mysterious Deep Sea Creatures Caught on Tape

Five Mysterious Deep-Sea Creatures The deep seas are often considered to be the last great, unexplored regions of our planet Year after year, hundreds of mysterious creatures are discovered ranging from small organisms up to monster sharks Still, it seems like thousands remain hidden awaiting our cameras Hi I am […]

10 Aug

Top 5 Ugliest Fish

There may be plenty of fish in the sea, but not all of them are pretty With over 200 000 different species it’s only natural that some of them are hideous Here are the top 5 ugliest fish Number 5: The Lumpsucker/Henfish Found lurking at the bottom of the cool […]

07 Aug

கடலில் கண்டுபிடிக்கப்பட்ட 5 மர்ம உயிரினங்கள் | English subtitle | 5 unbelievable Deep sea creatures

Generally peculiar sea organisms live deep inside the seaLet us have a look at 5 such organisms The Blob fish which can grow upto 30cms won the worlds most disgusting organism survey in 2013 This lives 3900ft deep inside the seas of New Zealand and AustraliaThe pressure is 120 times […]

04 Aug


what's up fishtank people what's up dog dustinsfishtanks bringing you my top five gangsta fish these are my top five gangsta fish that are clearly exhibiting gangsta trade so you do not want to mess with anything but against them we're talking about the betta fish better fish Dustin benefits […]

01 Aug

Korda Carp Fishing Masterclass 5: Back to Basics | Neil Spooner | Free DVD 2018

Over the last few years you would have been watching the Masterclass DVD and you’d have seen lots of sections based around some really epic trips across Europe, as well as some highly detailed technical sections across the UK Now when we do the shows and things, one of the […]

25 Jul

5 Best Fishing Reels 2018 | Fishing Reels For Sale | Cheap Fishing Reels

Today we will discuss about some excellent fishing reel that you need if you are fishing passionate This video will survey the angling reels accessible for ice angling flight Englund salt and freshwater Angling if you want continuous information about the fishing gears and tips subscribe us to keep in […]