Snoeken in Zweden deel 1/ Pike fishing in Sweden part 1 (English and dutch subtitles)

He he finally we arrived in Sweden We're on a holiday with the whole family

Hopefully we get some time to fishbecause we go to two houses by the water The first house Villa Sunshine is still a seven-hour drive Villa Sunshine lies in the middle of Sweden

The next morning we wake up in the middle of nature, really cool! We go out with Anders, the owner Who is, of course, very proud of his place Hello, I will tell you a little about villa Sunshine It is a nice house with 8 beds in it, 3 floors You find a nice sauna to relax in, in the basement

You find the boats on 150 meters from the house, down in the river It is a really nice area for families, a lot of things to do for everyone Here in the middle of the river it is around 10 to 30 meters deep There is a big cloud of bait fish here! Really a lot There are a lot of pikes around it, as you can see

Now we are in Kyrksjön Sorry Kyrksjön We are about here now Did you catch something? No? I wish you 'shit fishing'! See you! 'Shit fishing' means 'have a good catch' in Swedish When you say literally 'have a good catch', that brings bad luck they think In this area they caught a lot of pikes

Also zanders You want to take it? Oh yeah! I will try It is around 11 meters deep here, we spot a pike once in a while We will fish with fat shads, so we can go deep and hopefully present it in front of their nose We go back to eat and try once more at the end of the afternoon

Hopefully the wind will come, now there is no wind at all which is not so good We started again There is a little bit of wind now and it started to rain a bit Let’s hope there is one out there! First spot we fished a little pike Let’s take it

Nice little jack, beautiful colors He took it pretty hard Let’s put it back There he went Today we only fished very little We had to become familiar on this lake first

We succeeded to find some nice spots Hopefully the wind will come tomorrow and the pikes will be more active We saw them a lot but could not get a strike See you tomorrow The tactics for now is trolling from spot to spot

On the spots, we will cast our lures and after a while troll further to the next spot Trolling is a good way to fish a water you don’t know that well You fish different spots then and maybe discover were there is a lot of fish We are fishing in front of the church now So maybe there is a religious pike waiting for us

Yes we got one! Oh man, the shad is almost as big as the pike itself! But it is a pike guys Look A funny little fish This is the shad We are casting lures now that run very shallow

It is pretty shallow here You have to be creative, don’t you? If we catch something yes or no, nature is magnificent here! We do not say long at Villa Sunshine, we did not fish a lot But we did a lot of nice things, which is a big benefit Yesterday we went to the zoothis afternoon we go to the Zip lines

There they put up wires between a high and a low point, so you can race down very fast There are many nice things to do here We will focus on fishing more at the second house we go After this adventure, it is time to say goodbye to Anders already We do that Swedish-style with lots of cake, and a view on the lake

After this we move on to the second house See you soon in part two!

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