Sharks Attacking a Flounder

Look! Yep there's 2 of them (antonio) Yeah! They're trying to get over here! Whoa! They're coming this way! They're coming this way in front of me Whoa!!!! They are hungry right there Whoa! Mom! (Sonya) Shh Antonio quiet They want to come eat! Well i'm watchingWell I am watching over here, That's why I am going back every now and then checking to make sure I am still getting them (antonio) Whoa Mom!! (Sonya) Coming Straight for you coming straight for you, right side (Antonio) Right side Coming for ya (Sonya) He's under I can't see them anymore (Antonio) Under under under (Sonya) What? Whoa! Mommy! It's one right there Walt Walt! Walt!!!! stay out of the water If you hadn't of stalled and took your time you could've grabbed 'em (Antonio) Whoa! (Sonya) Huh? They were eating Either the minnows or the shrimp Probably the dang minnows!

(Sonya) Get out of the water (Antonio) heyYou wet my hair!!!!

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