Sarah’s Fishing Adventure

oh look we have mail I wonder what it is? A post card from grandpa! He's at his cabin for the summer in Anchorage, Alaska

Dear Sarah, I'm having a wonderful time at my cabin in Alaska Since it is the summer the temperatures aren't too cold yesterday it got up past 75 degrees, so I spent the day on the lake I would love for you to come visit me soon for a fishing trip! You will not believe all the amazing types of fish you can catch here! The wildlife is pretty awesome, too Let me know when you can come visit I can't wait to see my favorite granddaughter

Love, Grandpa Hi Grandpa, it's so good to see you Thank you so much for coming I can't wait for tomorrow, we'll go to my favorite fishing spot, Ship Creek It's right downtown

It's one of the most popular places to fish because salmon are such a common catch Sarah: "Hey grandpa, I think there's something tugging at your line" Grandpa: "Well let's reel it in and see what we caught" Sarah: "Is that a salmon? Grandpa: "Very good Sarah You are right this salmon is smaller It's about four pounds and about 21 inches, so it seems to be a pink salmon They're usually a little smaller" Sarah: "Why does it have black spots on its back and tail?" Grandpa: "That happens when the fish swim from the ocean to the freshwater, like the spot we're fishing it now

See how it's bright blue on the top and silver on the bottom that's how they look when they're in the ocean Let's throw it back in the water and head home I'm starving" Sarah: "Hey Grandpa, look what I caught!" Grandpa: "Oh wow! That's a rainbow trout Rainbow trout are the members of the salmon family They are usually seven to twelve inches long

" Sarah: "I like its colors On top it is green with a purple shine In the middle there's a pinkish red line and its belly it's white I can see why it's called it rainbow trout" Grandpa: "Sarah, I'm so proud of you for being patient during this fishing trip That's one of the best traits of a good fisher

Now let's go home"

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