Pier Fishing tips for Beginners: Rigging Live Shrimp!

I already did! Didn't I? Did she touch it? I touched it! You gotta touch it again, you both have to touch it again if you want another picture I'll touch the skin not the eye

Okay, touch the skin Show them how to do it! Ready? Touch it, just touch it it's fine Ahh! Today we are at Newport Pier in Miami Florida on a mission to catch some fish for dinner we will be using live shrimp for bait We hear that the fish in Florida love eating live shrimp

So here's the rig Egg sinker, swivel, leader line, hook People seem to really like to use live shrimp here, and, um, this is the common rig that I've seen, which is just a hook, 2 feet 30 lb leader, a swivel, straight to your line Um, so that's if you just wanna let the shrimp out free- lining

Uh, if you wanna put a sinker on it you put an in-line egg sinker through here and tie that on to your leader Here, Brendon So when you are hooking on a shrimp to your line you need to make sure of two things: make sure the hook isn't too big, you want the shrimp to be able to swim freely Do not kill the shrimp! Hook it on top of it's head, not the middle Look at this! What is this? Look how flat it is

What is this thing? Woah! Woah!! Turn it front ways again! It's like an optical illusion! What kind of fish is that, do you know? I think it's called a look down A look down I'm not 100% sure It is one of the strangest fishes I've ever seen, and this took a live shrimp Wow, look at that! We didn't want to eat a look down, but my dad is on something new

Woah! Wow! Now that's a good eatin' fish This is called a black drum They also love shrimp Basically everything in florida will eat a shrimp You know when they say the worst thing that can happen to you can and will happen to you? Well, it happened

What just happened? It pulled my- something pulled my rod over the- ha!- my rod is gone That's what happened Yeah, one of his rods, we were just standing here waiting for a fish to bite his rod and the one that he had out with a live bait just got pulled over and he lost it Yeah, something pulled it over! A fish just pulled it over I had it right here

No good! You gotta lift this up That was definitely a fish, right? Sh*t Must have been a big one because the whole thing just went *whew*! Rookie mistake What is that dad? Brendon's dad just hooked up on something How do you get him up? Woah! That is a big boy! What is that? Mangrove What's it called? Mango? Mangrove Snapper Oh, are they good meat? Oh yeah, they're good eating Keep it? Yeah, I'm gonna keep it

That one I'm going to have the restaurant cook for me Oh my gosh Are you guys gonna eat it? Yup Woah What's going on? He's got a big fish

Oh, there's a school out there Woah! That's a big one! Way out there? Way out there? Live shrimp is working very well, we are getting lots of bites and it seems like we're catching bigger fish That's pretty cool lookin'! It's hard to hold Woahh Now this kid is awesome, we noticed that he was patiently fishing for hours without a single bite

So we decided we should share some fun with him, and the shock on his face is priceless It is always nice to see when the younger generation is showing an interest in fishing Woah! Hold the line, hold the line! Go take a picture with your grandma Look at his human teeth! It's like the sheep head Sheeps head

Take a picture? Alright, I have no idea what kind of fish this is, hopefully one of you guys will be able to name it for me It's got really weird lookin' teeth, a spot on it's back, and this is what it looks like So comment below! Help me out! Live shrimp did the trick today! Live shrimp? Yeah, caught five different species of fish with the same bait Definitely the best day, look at this Oh my

We're gonna show how we cook it and everything, too Hopefully! We're gonna get it cooked and we're gonna show everyone how we're gonna eat our catch These are not going to waste! We are now at a Chinese restaurant, called King's Palace this place was the bomb Located in a small Chinatown in Miami, we finally found some comfort food

My family can't go a week without Chinese food, I'm serious Here, they are asking them to cook our fish They are asking the chef to prepare two of them steamed and one of them fried Snapper That's the mangrove snapper, that's the black drum, and that's the mystery fish with a spot

Black drum, mystery spot fish, we can start eating I think the name is really fancy, "mangrove," "mangrove" This place is great Home cooked place This is the black drum

It is first steamed, then covered in spring onions, ginger, cilantro, soy sauce and then it's doused in hot oil It's a traditional Chinese way of eating fish and it's my personal favorite Wondering, would you guys try it? How does this look to you? Are you ready? I only eat this fresh, ok? I'm not weirdo, but nothing beats a fresh fish head Yes, I grew up on fish heads It's been a long time since I eat one and I'm gonna totally enjoy this- Eat the lips! Stop talking, eat the lips- Lips? There's no lips, man! What are you talkin' about? Look at that big, fat lip right there! I can't eat this- Yes, you can! It's delicious! Fish lips! Oh! Mmm-mmm

Oh yeah What does it taste like? Pudding So it's more of- the texture is like a pudding-ish, tender-ish stuff It doesn't taste anything So it's more of a texture than a taste

Yeah, it's a delicacy I guess It's weird, but The fish head, it's more of a texture

Yeah It's nice and silky and, uh, soft, gelatinous- mmm, gelatinous, that's the right word Mission complete If you like this cooking segment please let us know below Do yourself a favor

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