Perch Fight 2018 – Episode 1

In the shade of the pike, the perch have appeared as an exciting alternative to the predator hunters The time has come to a proper showdown in this particular species This, is the first episode ever of Perch Fight The competition where Söder Sportfiske challenges other giant brands

within the sport fishing industry There's no doubt about it, we've got four hyped teams coming to start today A big chunk of Swedens perch elite is right here in Västervik, right now The road to be crowned the kings of Perch Fight will be played during three days in three different waters And will be shown in six episodes here on Freewater Pictures Youtube channel This is Perch Fight 2018 Let's do this! Perch Fight 2018 is presented in collaboration with In Perch Fight you'll need five heavy perch per day to earn high points All perch above 30 cm are valid competition fish and can be counted towards to the teams total weight

Points will be handed out at every days end Apart from the three day competitions we've got the Big Five too The teams five biggest fish during all three days are added up for their Big Five Score These points are awarded at the end of the final This years competition waters are

Västervik archipelago Day two will be held at a secret location, the teams will receive this information and charts the night before Lake X And the decider will be classic water, Kalmar Sund Let's welcome Andreas Ollinen, representing the Swedish Sport Fishing Association

who's introducing todays fishing grounds In Västervik the teams will fish the coastal line between Loftahammar and Blankaholm This place offers a variety of fishing, outer archipelago with islets

and inner archipelago with weedy shallow bays In this coastal environment the size of spawning areas decide wether the stocks of fish thrive or not These areas need protection The Swedish Sport Fishing Association are now trying to recreate what we've once destroyed We do this to create more bites for all of Swedens sport fishermen Thank you all members for the support in our work Nice Andreas, thanks for all the good work you guys do

In this first season of Perch Fight we've got four teams battling for the respected title First out, Söder Sportfiske Two well known faces, Nicklas Jonnson and Henrik Sandahl Super psyched about competing in Perch Fight Going head to head against kick-ass people

This is the first time ever I'm feeling a bit lost This is not my comfort zone I'm a pike fisherman from the start I've been fishing tons for perch, but not in these conditions I'm a junkie for safety

I wanna know exactly what's going on I want to have a plan for both morning and afternoon and know what we need to do If this happens we'll react like this and so on And none of these waters feel safe for me now But I'm excited

We'll put full trust in my competition routine and Nicklas perch routine Perch Fight is

a big challenge for us We're going up against teams that are super experienced Compared to pike, perch fishing is so dependent on conditions Finesse is all So many techniques, baits and so many different ways of fishing for perch

And every water is different Two similar lakes might have totally different methods that work Super excited Super nervous Pressure is up

That's just how it is We wanna win We wanna show people we know perch fishing too Teams've got the engines running and now they're ready for fight! Let's hear what they have to say about today If we're on point? Of course we are

We're so on point there's cacti growing in the boat It's hard to decide how we should attack this It's a new area both for me and Daniel It's dependent on what the others do We've got a plan and I'm hoping it will work

This is a first for us The others have som experience from Pike Fight So we need some early confidence and catch five quick fish And then try to improve our total from there

But we won't go for the big fish at the start No five fish and then improve from there Yeah we need some comfort and confidence early on Get the gears going This is all new for us but we'll do our best

We've got a great plan We'll work with somewhat different techniques We'll do quite some ordinary jig fishing with shads, and then some crank baits and weedless rigged soft baits We'll try to benefit from being two people, alternating between techniques And weed out what works where we are We've got tons of bait at least Yeah it should be enough

Last week with Söder Sportfiske They've been taunting us while it's been quiet from the others This is nobodies home quarters But after all this taunting it feels like Söders either they're fooling us or they've got a super plan set in stone Super psyched Perch Fight 2018 Finally! We've been longing for this Just as nervous as always

We've been practicing for one and a half day here And one day we had many fish but no big ones and the other day pretty much no fish but a really big one

Caught a 48 centimeter fish while test fishing 1,45 kilo That's a pretty decent Archipelago perch Our plan today We don't feel like home here, we can't name a thousand spots that might produce We just have to start at a spot we know is great

We might not end up in a rally but we'll for sure catch enough of fish to get the confidence up This won't be decided until days over We gotta have five fast fish On paper, and then improve from there And our plan is to wait for the lunch report and then see if we're onto something or need change

We know one spot that holds tons of fish But we haven't really caught the big ones there But we know they're around We've got a solid plan I don't think we'll end up last, but we might

We'll see! We'll do our very best to win, as always! This is going to be so much fun! Yeah amazing, and we're facing quite some teams We'll just head out and start casting, we'll see what happens I'll do my very best

Can't do more than that I believe that'll be good enough I do too! We've chosen a spot that we believe hold big fish And it'll be a challenge to stay put there and and succeed in catching those fish

There are many fish around this weedy bay we're heading to But We'll win if we catch those

But I'm suspecting there are many more teams heading to the same spot Will be a tough race Think Söders will be hard to beat, I know they've been practicing a lot And we've got Jörgen, he's been doing this since he was three years old He was born in brackish water

He caught 2 kilo perch before I was born And never underestimate team Rapala, they're great! All teams are great! But Jörgen in particular, I saw him sneeze earlier and a perch flew up out of the water Crazy! Extremely Extremely pumped So nice to get out on the water again, and compete against these kick-ass teams Super pumped! Feeling good! I'm quite calm now actually

That'll probably be over as soon as the start is over When your mind starts grinding on the way to our first stop today But

then it's all game on, and we'll do whatever it takes! Our plan today We've got a safe spot were we'll go and bag five quick fish We know there's a lot of fish around 7-9 hectoes right there During practice we had 30 fish on 40 casts High expectations on first stop Then we'll grind on And try to find some bigger fish Switch up methods Will start with jigs a bit deeper Head in the shallows and weed

Fun style of fishing and a great challenge Let's get to business Perch Fight 2018, let's do this! In team ABU Garcia, we find someone close to a fixture in the Fight series Tobias Fränstam And at his side, new comer Robert "Robbo" Jonsson To get the opportunity to be a part of Perch Fight is a great honor for me To fish side by side with Tobias Fränstam in his boat Professor Fränstam as I call him, and fight against Jörgen, Daniel, Mikko, Mathias and all of Söders Sportfiske

It's a great honor for me The perch entered my life quite late last tuesday

Our first tactic is to not end up on last place first day Then you'll have all against you All the mojo will disappear

Feelings will be low And following that, just grind on Wherever we end up And win We wanna win both big five and the whole shebang

What I find so fascination about the perch is that it can be so tricky! You can be on a spot, a cay or a shallow weedy bay and there's tons of big perch around If you've got the wrong weight on the jig head, or wrong color on the lure Or fish the lure too fast You'll end up with no bites

There might be another boat just beside you and just bag fish after fish Perch, is the one fish were you could easily see who

can take advantage of these small circumstances and use them to win Here we got a better fish on the Cutter And it's smoking hot here now in the morning light The rules in this competition say If the fish are biting You can stove away a fish for five minutes before weighing Because now Another fish like this can bite in the next cast Today we're fishing archipelago style here in Västervik A great difference from lakes and archipelago is the fishing in archipelagos Easier to find the perch

It's about staying on one spot and just lure them to bite And succeed in the sizes

Fishing in lakes is also about just catching the perch But those fish can be much more cranky Perch in lakes live off of

many different things in lakes They might eat both crayfish and small fish they might hunt in the shallows or deeper But generally speaking about archipelagos the big perch tend to hang around these shallow weedy bays Especially this time of year I'm a big fan of this american method, called Jerk Bait When you fish a hard bait That has a twitching action And I'd say you have pretty decent average size This one might be a better fish

You'll usually catch the bigger fish Ah, hooked on the side On the side, and you've gotta expect that sometimes too

Thats what happens with jerk bait Sometimes one of the hooks fall out Super bait Right now I'm using the Berkeley Cutter I rather go darker colors in these conditions

Bright light in the mid day, and clear water A bit colored but still clear Excited to see if I can bag a big one on the Cutter I believe in it! I mean, I'm getting fish all the time on the Cutter now Robbo Go for two more! Yeah but no big ones! Good Robbo, bigger? Badly hooked? Our tactic today will be to have one search bait This one Berkeley Power Blade

Last time, when we were practicing We had tons of fish on that bait, and it's the same today We're just smashing them! Right Tobbe, just smashing! But today they're smaller He's going with the Cutter, and as he said Cutter produced the biggest one, but we keep both on now The search bait It's been producing super nice fish all season And lots of them

And there's always the chance of a big one Team ABU finds fish immediately and chooses to keep them in the live-well for later weigh in Westin seem to have the same plan and put pressure on the team It's incredible we're on the exact same spot I'd say it's expected, I'm glad there's only one team here

Exactly the same spot It's almost ironic Shouldn't we go further in? Let's cast our way in, don't wanna go over them too much What will you start with Jörgen? I'll start with Stanley the Stickleback, you can go crank bait And we'll see how things pan out

Raw Bite! Loud noise! Hard action, it's a search bait Oh, got tons of perch following Just gave the lure a nudge! Alright, I'm switching to crank bait too Wait a bit, go over the area with Stanley first They didn't take it, try something else

Well I haven't tried where you found them On this very spot Daniel had a big perch following

during practice It's beautiful Beautiful scenery

Newcomers in the format, but super experienced regarding perch fishing Routine is abundant in the team from Westin With Daniel Nilsson and Jörgen Larsson! The perch is one of the first fish that ever gave me inspiration and joy Caught my first big perch a day in March 1981 Fourteen years old I had dreamt about that fish many years prior And it's been with me all my life ever since

Perch Fight is Inspiring, exciting and nervous Can't really expect anything, it's all new

For me and my team mate Daniel Our biggest advantage would be that we complete each other Jörgen is calm, thinks everything trough and work methodically While I throw myself in there, with mind of course

I think we complete each other well During the last couple of years many new methods have appeared on the Swedish market

Dropshot, Carolina, Texas These are no trends They are tools

I hope Perch Fight will inspire you And show when you need to use these tools The area we've chosen today is an elongated bay It's parted by a couple of shallow sounds It offers a variety of fishing styles, both shallow and a bit deeper And this spot we've chosen to start at is is evenly sized but here in the middle there's a point

Which gives an attractive landscape for fish compared to the surroundings There's one! They're so cautious! Again! Might be a good fish! Oh yes! First one! So nice, gets us going! Will you handle this so I can keep fishing? Cast up there, there are fish around but they just nibble Up against the point? Yeah, just to the right Stanley the Stickleback Motoroil Now we'll see if we can

handle the weighing Decent conditions on this little fella Great first fish! Yeah, nice fish to start off with

Did you fish it aggressive or passive? Quite aggressive, or in between Now let's see! No need to be ashamed of that one The others we had last time was bigger Nice proportions on this fish Totally good fish

Nothing to complain about If you fish for perch like this on the coastal line you can't refrain from stop in the middle of nowhere sometimes

It's all about the surrounding depths In this bay holds Many shallow areas, with lots of weed

And that's the spawning environment for their food And

the big perch they won't stand deep in the grass They'll hang around outside it

Like this place, a bit deeper right here This is where they'll park Might not be hunting but if you grind here you'll get them The power start from team ABU Garcia will now show it's true colors when they weigh in for the first time Just get them all Bigger one! Just go on! I'll get it Which one is that? Big one? I've written down, 560, 460 and 550

770! They manage to scrape together 2960 grams Even though these are no giants, it's still reassuring with a full paper this early on In the meantime, Rapala is out scouting the area trying to find the fish Speak your mind I know that

Watch out! That was nice Super nice, snapped right off What snapped? What? The mount Alright, it's still usable I thought right there that it was broken and not usable Me too That would've been great, no sonar and no electric engine A quick grounding Maybe that's whats needed to wake the bears from Dalarna

Team Rapala, represented by Mikko Seppänen and Mathias Holgersson Our goal with Perch Fight

is to win We are in this since the ambition is to win But it's about so much more too

It's the fellowship have fun out there and most of all to find what works every day

That's the beauty of perch fishing If you're doing wrong, you won't catch any And finally when you find it, you'll be rewarded Our strength in Rapala is the width or our knowledge, we've fished all sorts of waters the last years and competed together lots

On international levels too The perch is a new challenge for me I've been a piker all my life But my interest, and the potential I see in perch fishing has been growing steadily the last couple of years So I'm really looking forward to take the chance to battle the best I'm starting with a new lure from Storm called 360 Largo Shad

This is the three inch version Got a 18 gram head since we're fishing a bit deeper

We'll start from there and Mathias will fish another type of shad which he's showing here This is a 360 Minnow, with a slimmer profile

A bit more aggressive action And an attraction tail, and here you can remove the flap to get a fluttering action

That's usually best for perch so I'll just go on and remove it now Now I'll just step up here and take the first perch Right now we're fishing an edge facing a sound

I'm letting the jig go to the bottom Two quick retrieves to let the jig come up a bit and pendulate down the decline

We've had a low pressure here and in these conditions small movements are far more effective If you jerk the lure to hard they tend to let the jig be We'll see today what works

Usually this is very effective These competitions, why you do it First of all because it's so much fun

But there's something in you with competitions That you are facing other fishermen You compare yourself to others And the adrenaline rush That comes with it

And if you're standing with the trophy in the end It's a confirmation you've done something right You're always striving towards getting better Catch more fish Bigger fish

Learn to read the water faster and better And still keep the fun in it You become a geek in some fun way To complete each other in a competition situation is very important Well we might think quite like when it comes to general competition plans and where to find big fish

But you always differ in fishing style and methods And in the end someone finds the way That works today If you always go the safe way that you've always gone, it won't end well That was a bite

I was just thinking that I might've had one bit last cast too Completing each other is all Yeah, bottom line we're thinking alike

I'd say we are 85% alike in our fishing And the last 15 differs

And thats why we sometimes argue quite much If Mathias says one thing and I say something else

We need to really back up our arguments You can't just say "I'm not gonna do that" without saying why

And we almost always end up with both agreeing with the other one Rapala chose an exposed spot with deep water

unlike the other teams who've gone into the bays fishing shallow Do you see any baitfish? Damn, so much bait fish down there Nudging the line

It's frustrating to fish crank baits over grass they hook into weed all the time I believe it'll be worth it

Missed one! No! Yeah got it! Oh, it's a pike! Get the talon down so we won't drift away A perch in that size would bring us home I'm trusting that 4 kilos here will take us far Four kilos? That's five 8 hecto on average That'll take you far in Västervik

Nice? Yeah bigger than the other one Maybe the other one felt strange because the hook was on the outside? Strong head shakes Not a giant Might be a good one It's dragging some weed up

It's five hecto at least We found them! He took that bait hard! No giants but they're on the bite! Super hard strikes! 570, or no 560 So beautiful and fat Let's win this! Let's triple the size now

And that one took in the drop! Right out there in the very end of that cast Not long enough No! Well that wasn't the winning fish Wasn't long enough Nice take! Better fish I believe

Well should be over 5 hecto It's going sideways, nice! Nice head shakes I like what I see Biggest so far 600 grams easy

They're getting bigger He really swallowed the whole jig They're feeding right now The perch fight Jig Look how beautiful

Right!? Super looks So nice that they're taking the bait so hard I love it! Söder Sportfiske are now in the game and just found a shoal of biting fish We've done a staggering discovery we've believed it to be Söders next to us Both Söders and Westin have dark aluminium boats

But that's Jögga and Danne from Team Westin They're breathing down our necks Can't say that feels good But I believe we can beat them I'd say it's a good sign we've got Jörgen on the same spot as us

I do too They've got routine on catching big fish Get the net out! Had three more fish coming with it Nice! Nice work Danne! Yeah, wanna fill the paper Yeah and you're at it now! On every cast now

All fish we get activate more fish so Exactly I love to fish the crank baits aggressive

Big jerks and then just retrieve the slack line Just like that Always bite at the pause! And Jörgen is fishing it a bit easier A few more and longer pauses It's an upgrade

No! Took while reeling in Big one or pike It's huge Yeah it's a good one! Upgrade! Nice Jörgen, it's an upgrade! Well I'm not so sure about that It is! Let's hope so! You are so sure? Yeah on this one I am

You are so damn sure *Swedish joke from Gothenburg You're full of bullshit So nice! Unfortunately I don't believe you We'll see about it

A bit too slim Would like them to be a bit taller Thick girth, but missing a bit on the height Beautiful perch I'll let it go

Tell me something I don't know Something personal About me? I used to dance the ballet as a kid You're kidding? It's true, and I've also got two different sized feet 38 on left foot

And 46 on right foot No I was kidding No I lied, it's a big difference So you didn't dance the ballet? No! Do I really look like someone who'd be doing ballet? But you've got tons of ballet pictures on your phone And you're always listening to the Swan Lake in the car

Just liking the music doesn't mean I've been dancing ballet I've we're placed in top today, will you dance for us then? A pirouette? Isn't it called Plike? (Plie) I'll fix that, what will you do? Well Need to think what I usually do

What do you wanna see? I'd like to see Let's put it like this, If we win today I'll take a bath, no problem You'll jump in? I'll give you a show

I'll show you someone who's not afraid of water If we end up on second place I'll take a dip for a second place too These fish are so beautiful Super! When I was

a teenager I loved to play computer games Up until one day when I just felt

like I overdosed on all that sort of entertainment At about 16 years I'd fish all life

I felt like it was such a waste of time to play this much I'll just put that time into fishing instead

Because that's just much more fun, and one day I'll be super happy about it So I just stopped gaming and started fishing And that pretty much laid out the way for this carrier That was a decent decision Got a nice perch now Got this one just because I stopped gaming This is going straight to the paper

700 grams Great start from both Westin and ABU Now it's just about getting those bigger fish from Västervik Archipelago Rapala seem to have realized where the fish are and head into the shallows We've done a proper drive

Went from deeper water to an inlet Were we know usually hold perch More shallow, and lots of weed Right now we're fishing baits that create instinctive reactions They both create reactions and imitate their normal food Let's see how it pans out Let's try to fool a couple of beasts here

There! Perch? No pike! Let's rock on, not the one we're after This is what you can expect from fishing in the shallows You've got to go trough a couple of pike for one big perch Let's keep hammering There! Perch? No pike again! Pike

You know when that monster from in there goes by Big pike Damn it! You see? We've gotta leave

We'll have no gear left soon It's like this all over Usually you catch every other pike and perch Now it's just pike, pike and pike Just escaped him! That was a big one too! Those skills! It's impressive

I'm a native piker and that's my game And now you're snapping the bait from them by instinct since they destroy your gear We've had a hit n' miss on the perch at this stop And we're off to our next stop, keeping true to the game plan without any panic One hour left until report

We'll make it to the next stop and hopefully catch a few fish that we can report in Let's do this! Want some coffee? Yeah would be nice! Fishing competitions are stressing me out

Yeah I've noticed that, don't be! Grass is not greener on the other side No Nicklas, you know what's even worse? Coffee is at home

Only one thermos here Took it out this morning It's still on the counter No coffee???? Hot water? Yeah, and food I felt bad for not offering coffee this morning

Incredible Not the first time Hopefully we can find a few nice perch now

I'd say we should move maximum seven or eight meters and stay put there I'd say this spot delivers worse than expected We just said that it'd impossible to not catch five fish between five and seven hecto on this spot And that we should be able to bag at least one over 7 hecto Or even a kilo But our hopes are down now We should leave

Let's do five more casts and then switch area Just as we suspected, our plan

Two other boats here both Westin and ABU Garcia So we're changing plans, to a spot they don't know about We'll see on the report how they're doing But that's a hot spot Perch tend to hang around each other

They're standing in big shoals But they seem to be somewhere else than last time Look how deep it gets right here Right here they should be Söder Sportfiske who've been used to plans that pan out as they should seem to struggle

The team starts to falter We can't put in the time here if we're not finding them We might need to head over there instead Take a few casts over there at that edge That edge where they've been

They can't have gone all the way out Even thou Rapala have no good fish yet they seem calm and confident

Now at the last stop before lunch and they must start catching fish Perch! Nice fish! A pike after trying to take it! No it's a another perch! Take the net! You net him! Nice Mikko! Might've been an even bigger after since I thought it was a pike at first

I'm sure this spot will fill our paper But if they're here, we'll lay still here now So nice! Just took our first, and he had one more after There, hunting in the surface! The one following was much bigger Can we get the talon down here? Yes

But we need to come a bit more out The boat will turn around so Yours bit right there

About ten meters out Casted in line with shore Would've been nice to just Bang, bang, three or four fish Think we'll have that too There, perch! Casting that way! So cautious fish Bigger? No A bit better! Yeah a bit better than the first one Nice! Nah it's the same size They look so much bigger in the water Got one too? Yeah! Double! Nice! First you and now me! Super nice! This one is

360 GT Get him in, all the same size Look at this one, swallowed all of the jig

Nice, they're on the bite! 360 GT! This is all psychology We'll probably switch them out soon Still feels nice So light bites But mine also had the whole lure in the mouth Still a cautious take I'm on seven grams now Ten here

They suck in the lure, close to the bottom A too heavy jig head now would render in no bites

There! Bigger! Is it? Or just very strong Can you help in case of? Feels like a good fish Good one! Bream! No it's a big perch! Got him? We need these! Didn't see any stripes So sure it was a bream Well done! Jig is all gone in there

360 GT Found a spot that produce and we've had three 32 cm fish, and this one is bigger

There's probably fish all over here Wind is also There! No lost! That was a good fish! Might've been the same size

He was properly hooked Was a better fish Confidence is paying off and they're finally catching up on the other boats

At the same time ABU grind on in the bay they share with Westin Who'll win that fight today? This rod, 7,6' Svartzonker is incredible Medium action, pretty flexible Together with the Cutter you get the perfect action when jerking This rod is a bit slower so you'll get the speed in the turns of the bait Seem to be irresistible for these perch I mean, I'm catching so many fish in the Cutter I'm contemplating on heading over to Westin and ask if they wanna borrow a few Berkeley baits But never be to cocky

They might have bigger fish than us too When the fish react like this on Cutter you know you've got something going on

You usually catch both the smallest, and the biggest You gotta catch them all

I'm not sure they've got this good baits Another thing we've been working hard on is this crank bait rod, Finesse Crank

Which is unlike the american crank bait rods They're designed to fish flouro carbon while

we Scandinavians fish with mostly braided line It's a tad softer to give you an easer task playing the fish They might come off with these small hooks

They might bend loose on a stiff rod Plus, this soft action It's got a soft tip action

frees up the bait On every twitch it pulls the line A stiff rod and line will damage the action

A softer tip on the rod enables a sweeping action And you'll lose less fish, and mostly

this rod cast extremely well at around 12-13 grams You can feel the rod working for you A stiff rod won't

You can always cast a bait with a rake But It won't do well The wind turned now Yeah, spinning in all directions It aint easy fishing sitting down in these conditions

Wow! Jörgen, net! Net! Good fish! Nice one! Good one This is our kicker fish Biggest today! Good job Danne! Nice! That's how they should look like Looks like Quasimodo! Just like that This is just like they should be

Round is also a shape 900 even Yeah 9 hecto on the mark Nice! New top fish! So sweet with a bigger fish We've found quite big groups of middle sized fish

This one stood by himself behind the others, just by the weed line Offset rigged 10 cm Shad Teez So sweet! Yes, bigger one! Please don't be a pike now! It's a perch Henke, it's a nice fish! Biggest today, easily! At least seven or eight hecto We'll take the long shaft now then Must be a bigger fish

Yeah it's a nice one! Biggest today! They're around This is where we should be, and this is were we'll win Now we've found them, so nice! Now! We're getting bigger fish, and it's biting all the time Just a minute ago we were wrecks Since we couldn't find the fish

But now we do! Just a moment ago, like 8 minutes ago Yeah exactly Best think with Nicklas is his ups and downs I envy his ups Not so envious on his downs though

Great! Get up now! We gotta take 790 790! Biggest fish today for Söders That one takes them up over three kilos The perch have started to eat and all boats are doing well at the moment Now it's all about sorting out the biggest fish to bring home important points today

Don't want that one Don't want that one Trying to escape that small one Good fish! Nice one! Yeah I see that Heavy shakes

Yeah, might be bigger than the last one Yeah I think so At least same size Come on be at least that! Oh this is a decent fish! Super nice perch Probably a kilo fish! Please be over kilo

Beautiful fish Super! Not over one kilo but still a beauty It might actually be It's a kilo fish This one is over one kilo What we see now is cool That little search bait we've been using Produce much smaller fish

Might be a kilo There it is, biggest for us today And I believe There are many of these around, I can feel it Last one was 790 This aint over a kilo, but still a nice one Or is it? 900 Yeah 930 grams 930 grams, biggest fish in all of the competition so far Crucial fish for the team, and it moves them one place up Until first report

Smallish Oh, nice take! Net! Clearly a big one The other side Wow, it's going This side

No it's going the other direction Ready up! Don't lift it up! Well done Danne! Super condition on that one Look, just hooked on the right side Rules say it's good hook set This is the way they should look

One point 1030 grams Raw bite! It's been great in this area

I'm glad it bagged us a nice fish like that Westin just barely have the time to net the first kilo fish of this competition before report Now the teams are getting ready to see the current leaderboard In the lead, team Westin Their last fish took them over four kilo total

On second, respectively third place, we find Söder Sportfiske and ABU Garcia And in-between them, only a few grams On a fourth place, team Rapala, who woke up late today They've got a great top fish, but really need a better average We're not totally off

But it's so close We're in an area where kilo fish are not abundant But the average fish is nice! This is impressive, really well fished Must say that Westin have done a great job We haven't seen them catching that many

We've got some way to go But I still feel like we are in this game today, they had many fish around 600-700 and we can beat that We might have all over 800 in the end of the day

I feel like there's no need for us to move now Feels nice I feel the pressure now, they're breathing down our necks Of course, of course they do What a start! We need to fight the others off now

So nice! That was all for today! Don't miss next weeks episode of Perch Fight! Did you know that all gear used in Perch Fight can be bought on wwwsportfiskeprylarse If you like Perch Fight, please leave a thumbs up! And don't forget to subscribe to the channel

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