Ørrettfiske etter den gamle skole / Old School trout fishing.

Hello Today I will show you a funny way to fish

Show you how to fish in a very cheap way I do this sometimes, to be light as possible And to just get some food, this is effective You need a wood piece Fishing line

A hook And, worms If you are very stingy, you can dig after worms by your self I have been a little lazy today, and bought it I will now do my set up

Right now The rod is ready Ready for fishing trip We will see how this will end The first one

with this wood piece Beautiful trout 15 of this types, and you will get a tasty dinner Let us see if I can get one more The wood piece works well

I had a lot of fish on, and had three on land Catch and release today This is very effective to fish with, and works well in rivers like this There you find river and fish, there you can use this method But

I have a fishing rod with me as well And I recomend that You dont have to by the most expensive

You can almost by the most cheapest thing for this type of fishing But you will get much more feeling, and its more easy to hook the fish on And you can cast out with it example behind me you can only fish in to the with foam with the wood piece, – But with a fish rod, I can fish in much bigger area Then you will get contact with more fish

I will try a little more with this rod First cast

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