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(music) Alright team! Charge! (take me out on the water) We eat! Fish Eat! (way out in the woods) (where the breathing is easy the living is good) (out in the great outdoors) And welcome to Larry Smith Outdoors We're sponsored by the Badger Sportsman Magazine, Bartlein Barrels, Warrior Boats, Big Snow resort, Lynch of Muckwonago, Wings Over Wisconsin, Mikes Country Meats, Midwest Shooters Supply, Burgers Smokehouse, Dowco, Vexilar, Dick Smiths Bait and Tackle, Komelon measuring tools, Kmiec Law Firm, Norm's Ag, and Jiffy

And remember it's a great day to be alive (out in the great outdoors) Holy moly! (music) (music) (music) (music) Hey boy guess what? We're in Canada! We just made it through the border here And I'll tell ya we're on our way up to Wilderness North Lodge I just got home a day or two before this from Louisiana so we're going from one extreme to the other From far south to far north

It's gonna be an interesting trip this week We're gonna do a couple different fly ins and keep things moving We've got everybody up here from the Badger Sportsman magazine They're already up here and got things scouted out Hopefully we catch a pile of fish and have a lot of fun

Stay tuned Let's see what happens this week on Larry Smith Outdoors On a road trip Lotta road trips Lance and Bryan! Keep er moving! Keep er moving! (music) Oh a Dairy Queen! They gotta a Dairy Queen in Canada! Let's stop there! Chill and Grill! Oh they're not open yet Lance I wanna know why there's all these Chevys here and no Fords? What's the problem? The Fords are further up north, Larry Why would the Fords be farther north? More snow up there, colder weather

They can handle it I don't know about that! There might be some exaggeration going on here! Well, Lance has done all the driving Toyotas are down in Tennessee, Dodges are in Iowa, Chevys are in Wisconsin, Fords are way up north Really? Huh Lance I think you're a little delirious from lack of sleep

That could be This guy's a true blue Canadian Lance I think this guy's an ambassador! It's not warm up here by any means is it? Fool! Am I the only guy wearing long underwear? Look at you! I got long underwear on! You said we were going to Florida! (laughing) No Florida! I said Canada! (music) You know what, we went down the wrong road but we did find a couple of bathrooms If you call them that Well, at least one and a half

Let's check this out Looks like one's under construction yet You know the funny thing is, I don't see the work permit! This is the one in service! (laughing) Oh man! Now I know why I stop at Kwik trip to go to the bathroom This one definitely needs some TLC! Ohhh! If you could smell that! That's the ventilation? I don't even wanna look down that hole! (laughing) I guess when you gotta go, you gotta go! I better shut the door, I think it's Canadian law If you find an outhouse out in the middle of nowhere! (music) It's been a few years since I've been on a float plane

I wanna know if there's enough room on that plane for all that gear that Bryan brought Six tackle boxes, how many rods does he have? You and I each brought two rods, he's got how many rods? SIx for himself You're allowed to use one per person in Canada? How many per person? One per person at a time! I wonder why he's got so many rods? One for each day of the week

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Whether it's summer sausage, hearty sportsman's cut bacon, or dry rubbed barbecue ribs, we are your source for top notch hardwood smoked meats that you'll be proud to serve family and friends Visit us online at smokhousecom or look us up at your local grocery store (music) (music) (music) Hey I'll tell ya what, our first day up in Ontario We're up here at Wilderness North and what an awesome fishery

I don't know what I got on here but this thing is absolutely huge! We're doing a little trolling Boy, I'll tell ya what, just tore into this thing and it absolutely has my rod bent right over Holy man! Whoo! This is a big fish! Bryan you're the camera guy! Whooo! Look at that reel go! Yeah baby! (laughing) You wanna shut that motor off? I probably should Take it easy cause there's only a walleye snap on there Don't tell me that now!! Don't reef on him

Let him do whatever he wants It's a big fish! Let him do whatever he wants, Larry Whooo! Listen to that reel go! Holy man! This is something! (drag peeling) Wow! You might have to put the camera down! Yeah This is a big fish! I did not think this fish was that big at first, but now Let's get a look at him! He's made about 10 runs on me! (drag sound) Oh yeah! Oh my god! Oh my god! Look at the size of that pike! Can we get him in the net? Bring him in here! Get him, get him, get him!!! (banging around boat) Oh my gosh!! Yeah!!! WHOOO!!! Yeah baby! Oh my goodness!! Yeah! Whoo!! That is absolutely a giant! We just flew in here about 2 hours ago and I'll tell ya, Bryan, you're the one that pulled out the trolling gear This thing is absolutely a giant! Wilderness North has some very exclusive outposts and I'll tell ya the fishing is absolutely tremendous! We've caught a bunch of walleyes so far but this pike, look at this pike you guys! Whoa! Whoa ho ho ho! Whoa mama mia! I gotta leave her in the water, she'll break the net! Whoa! Holy moly! Wow! This is absolutely a giant pike! I'll tell ya that! Wilderness North, when you're looking to come to Canada and you want to be treated well, run good equipment, and catch giant fish Look at the size of this pike! This thing's gotta be 20 some pounds! Whoo! Absolutely a monster! Gonna measure her How long? All of 40

About 46 inches! 46 inch pike! Look at the size of that pike! That is absolutely awesome! Let's get her back in the water I did not think that fish was that big at first! (laughing) I wanna make sure she's nice an lively before I let her go Beautiful fish! Come on (music) She'll go There she goes, come on

Whoo ho! (music) Brian, I'll tell ya what, we need to get back! Look at this one! That's a nice walleye! That's a nicer fish! Look at how gold this fish is! Look how dark this fish is! I know the light is getting bad, but look at how dark that fish is! That is an awesome looking walleye! That's what's amazing about coming up to Canada too, is that these fish have so many different colors in them because of this water Boy that's a beautiful fish! And look at that Rippin Rap! Absolutely gone! Hey Bryan! One more cast! We better get outta here! (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) Badger Sportsman magazine is the longest running outdoor magazine in the state of Wisconsin! Badger Sportsman provides you with the best information from local Wisconsin guides and professionals so you can be successful in the outdoors Whether you're in a boat or a tree stand, Badger Sportsman magazine is the new go-to for information on duck hunting deer hunting, hard and soft water fishing and more! Enjoy our product reviews, quick tips, and all of our articles on our website today! I'm Mark Greene, I'm Patrick Lynch Welcome to our all new Lynch Muckwonago dealership! The brand new Lynch Muckwonago dealerships have over 500 new Chevys, Chryslers, Dodges, Jeeps, Rams, and pre owned vehicles in stock and all priced to sell! Stop by and check our their massive selection of trucks and SUVs perfect for all your fall outdoor sports! You do the driving, We'll do the listening cause I want you to love how you feel in your new ride! Nobody sells for less than Lynch! Wings Over Wisconsin A non-profit organization dedicated to natural resource restoration, preservation, and education with youth and community involvement

Through cooperation with private landowners, state and federal agencies, Wings Over Wisconsin has been a leader in the preservation of our natural wildlife habitat with donated dollars staying in Wisconsin, for Wisconsin! For information about how you can join this great organization, or how to start a new chapter please visit wingsoverwisconsinorg (music) (music) This is reminding me of last night! When that pike came up last night, Bryan, I about came unglued! That was the biggest pike of my life! Up here at Wilderness North Lodge and hopefully this will be your biggest pike Let's see what happens here My personal best is 40 40 inches? Ok

A 40 inch pike is a huge pike Whoa!! Boy oh boy! Whoo ho ho ho! (drag peeling) (music) You gotta love it! One thing about Canada, it's amazing how you sleep at night It kind of cleanses you Fresh air, good food Whoa! (drag peeling) (laughing) Oh yeah! I'd like to get a look at this thing! That's how I was too! That's the hard part Don't want to horse it Whoa! Yes! I think he's t-boned Oh yeah

Nice heavy fish Big fish They are really girthy here I'm shaking already and it's not even my fish! Come on nice and smooth I don't think it's 40 but it's pretty nice

I'm thinking upper 30s (music) Got him! Alright! Take this! I'll let you take the net so I can keep filming Hey you know the last 2 trips I've been the camera guy and I'm kind of enjoying this Dan's gonna have some competition coming up down the road Dan and Hunter because I'm gonna be doing a lot more filming of our show Larry Smith Outdoors Kind of enjoying this filming part

Not as good as the other guys by far There's lots of room for improvement Let's get that tank in here Nice fish (music) (music) Beautiful Canadian northern here! Whew! That is alot of fish! (music) (music) (music) (music) Good fight? Nice walleye! It is huh? You know that water is kind of a root beer color

That looks like a nice fish, Legend Holy cats! That might be one of the nicest ones of the day! Too bad we don't have a bump board cause right now I'm leading at 215 inches! Look at the color on that! I'm gonna zoom in on this fish Look at the coloring on that fish! Absolutely, unbelievable beautiful coloring! Nice walleye! And we'll give her a good home again! I like that! Good home is nice! (music) She says I'm outta here! She'll make it There she goes

Back to deeper water Gone (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music ends) (music) (sizzle) Shotgun Schafer, Midwest Shooters Supply I got the Ice Junkies Erika Graham, Emily Lukas, big followers of mine on TV, Facebook, what? Everywhere Everywhere she says! You heard her guys! Everywhere! What we're doing today, bluegills I just caught them We're going old school

I left the skin on and pulled the fins off We're gonna dredge, dredge put them in Larry's seasoning, and everybody's gonna have some We have Thai, we have Italian, and what was the other one? Spicy something? Cajun Alright, let's dredge! (music) (music) What flavor you want Lar? What do we have? We have Italian, Cajun, (I don't like Cajun) Thai (I don't like Thai) (laughing) What? Can we cut him out of the whole bit? What else you got? Italian!!! I don't like Italian

(laughing) Got anything else? Plating it up guys, what do you want? Cajun! This is Italian I'll take Italian Larry's got Cajun

I don't like Cajun Serious? No I'm fine I like any food Alright guys this is Larry's new seasoning We have Thai, Cajun, and Italian

Skin on bluegills! Eat with our fingers? Heck yeah! Break it right off See how it falls right off the bone? Take your finger right along the line It falls right off This is really good! Once again, thanks Larry for letting us use the fish out of your pond Yeah thanks

(laughing) People, if you haven't used it this way doesn't take much take your knife, cut along the back, take the dorsal fins out, take the guts out That's what it looks like inside

(music) You don't like Cajun? Larry Smith Outdoors, Midwest Shooters Supply We got the Ice Junkies Oh I forgot! In case you guys don't win the big contest here's some Lodge stuff Bacon presses, and you can make some huge bluegills that you catch Emily in that pan! (laughing) Look! Shotgun's fish don't fit in that pan! Not a chance! You didn't catch them fish Yeah I did! Seriously! I caught them! What do you say girls? Thank you so much! No problem, Cut it! (music) (music) For over 25 years Midwestern Shooters Supply has been your premiere dealer for hunting supplies

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(music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) (music) Look at this here Larry! They sent us out with warm coffee, a nice thermos! I'll tell ya what, no doubt this is top notch Seats are dry, you got fresh fish rags in the boat, the locator is dry Good coffee, great breakfast Time to catch some fish! (music) Lance, another walleye? Another walleye Larry Just another walleye

oops! It's a little early for shorelunch Yeah it is I'm looking forward to that shorelunch today cause we haven't done that yet

That would be a good one for shorelunch though Is there a bad one? No There is no bad lunch (music) (music) It was another walleye? Holy cats! It spit it out as I was dipping the net! Wow! Cannibals! Let's see that! (inaudible) That's what was eating your walleyes! This will be shorelunch Larry, he's eating his own! We better take him outta the group Lance! We don't want that kind around! Hey Lance, you know when you're in the right spot? All you can hear is the wind whistling through your rods Then you know you're in a little bit of heaven

(music) Better than average Ahh! That was on artificial again? Yep plastics Ooh! Little bit of a battle there This one heck of an experience I'll tell ya Nice fish

It is (music) Gotta love it! (music) Nice job! (music) (music) (music) I'm getting awful hungry! Did you guys I hope you guys came back from the grocery store with something good Time for a little lunch Larry Lance, I'll tell ya what, if I had to go to a grocery store, I don't think I could've picked out anything better Perfect eaters

That's awesome! Took all of 15 minutes to get these Larry! (laughing) That's one thing about fishing up here at Wilderness North Lance I'll tell ya what! There's plenty of fish to be caught That there is There's no doubt about that (music) (music) Hey! Blanky! We got enough fish for lunch! It's almost ready! I don't know, with you eating I don't know that we have enough! (laughing) It just never ends Fish after fish

(music) Hey I'll tell ya what, Wilderness North Ontario, Canada is a place that you want to check out for sure This is one of them trips that I'll never forget This is why

Look at the scenic value, the quality of the fishing here, it's absolutely a paradise (music) (music) I'll tell ya what Lance, Deborah, we had an absolutely awesome time up here at Wilderness North Lance what do you have to say about this experience? It was a great time Larry It was non-stop walleye action, we saw some of the biggest northern that we've seen, I've ever seen personally, and the hospitality and the settings for us were just fabulous! Speaking about the pike, That 465 incher was the biggest pike I've caught in my life

That was a bonus for sure! You know just coming up here and experiencing all the things we got to experience but you know, one of my favorite things when we go on these trips are the people that we meet and the relationships we build What a positive thing You can't replace that with anything! Lance, Deborah thank you very much and Wilderness North We also wanna thank our friends over at Badger Sportsman for inviting us up What a great experience! Like I always say, What a great day to be alive! (music) (music) (music) Little tough pushing that boat back there? Maybe you should not have ate so many fish! What are you saying Smith? I said maybe you'll be lucky enough to find a girlfriend! Oh yeah, you might be luckier trying to get a 62 inch northern! Hey Smith! What? At least we have transportation! What are you talking about? I gotta boat

Nice tie-up job! (laughing) What!! How the heck did that happen? Come on now! We got fish to catch! I gotta show to film! Hey! Hey I was only kidding about you finding a girlfriend! Hey!!! Come on!!! (music ends)

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