Ominous fish make Japanese fear a tsunami – The Week UK

Superstitious people in Japan fear an earthquake or tsunami is in the offing after giant deep-sea fish were caught off its coast. According to local legend, the deep-sea oarfish rise to the surface when a natural disaster is due. The fish is known as the Ryugu no tsukai in Japanese, meaning the Messenger from the Sea God’s Palace.

Aliens ‘to meet UK prime minister’

A man claiming to  be a time traveller from 2030 says that Canada will merge with US and Mexico in 2028 to create a “super country”. In a YouTube video, the man, called Noah, says the UK will “come back to the European Union” before 2030, that a single “global currency” will be launched and that aliens will “land in the UK in 2028 and meet the Prime Minister”. One online commenter says: “I’m starting to have doubt about these predictions.”

Vietnam hairdresser offers ‘Trump cuts’

A hairdresser in Vietnam is offering customers free Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un haircuts ahead of the two leaders’ summit in the country next week. So far around a dozen customers at the Tuan Duong Beauty Academy have gone for a style based on one or other of the leaders. Hairdresser Le Tuan Duong said Mr Kim’s hairstyle symbolises youth while Trump’s represents power.



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