Northern Pike Tackle from Cree Lake Lodge

Well, we get blown off the water, so we have to come back to the cabin And we're just going to go through some lures and some tackle that we've been using for pike over the last couple of days here at Cree Lake Lodge

Yeah Important thing is, make sure that you've got a sturdy rod We've got everything up here It's at least seven feet long, medium-heavy to heavy These are medium-heavy rods with a fast tip

They're great We're getting some monster, monster pike You need a stiff rod Yeah And you need the seven-foot length to be able to steer them around and get them to the boat

So make sure that you've got– these are Fenwick AETOS rods We've got both spinning and bait casting Use what you like It doesn't really make a difference for the pike It's not going to help you one way or the other

Our preference is the bait casters, but spinning reels work just as well Yeah Definitely We've had some really big pike And the backbone on these rods, the medium-heavies to the heavies– and we're fishing six feet of water

So when these fish run, you need that backbone to– Yeah They're running straight away from me –slow them down a little bit Very important We're using braided line

Braided line is not going to be as important right now as when the weeds get up, but braided line is great for the pike You feel the bite, especially when we're getting those– a lot of the bites we're getting are on the [? pause ?] So you're not feeling some of those pike when you're trolling They'll hit and go the other way with it Yeah

Having the braided line with no stretch lets you feel even on a pause, and lets you feel that hit Yeah Another thing the braided line does is it lets you get a good hookset, because it doesn't have a whole lot of stretch But because it has no stretch, sometimes you can rip that hook right out of their mouth And one thing we like to do is add a fluorocarbon leader that has a little bit of stretch

This one's about– just over two feet long May seem a little long, but the reason for that is– this is 60 pound Berkley fluorocarbon We tied them up here The reason they are so long is because when pike hit this– and as you see, they like to hit this lure a lot We'll talk about that

But this line gets frayed that it doesn't necessarily get to a point where it's just hanging by a thread, because this fluorocarbon is super strong stuff But just have a look at it If you're using this, it'll get frayed, but it's still strong Yeah But it's just for that piece of mind

You could just snip this off and just re-tie it Re-tie, yeah You keep snipping and snipping and snipping until you get to a point where you just have to– Yeah And if you don't want to try them yourselves, or you want the security of [? having ?] [? one, ?] Berkeley also sells the fluorocarbon leads, as well as– we're using your standard wire leader This is a 30-pound 9-inch wire leader

They're great They're strong The nice thing is, pike's not going to cut through them Yeah The only thing you'll find is, after you get six or seven real big pike in a row, it ends up in a little bit of a pigtail, and you've got to get rid of it

Yeah And switch it out Whereas the fluorocarbon, you can just cut down and keep using it You're not going to do the same thing But whether you like the fluorocarbon or the wire leader, they're both great

But they are essential for these big pike Yeah Without them, they're just going to snip this line I would recommend at least 60-pound test fluorocarbon All right

We'll take a look at some of the lures that we've been using And if you've watched the show at all before, you know that one of our absolute favorite patterns for big pike are the Swedish Svartzonker lures For whatever reason, the pike absolutely go squirrely for them We've got a whole selection Different styles, different colors and whatnot

This is my personal favorite pattern It's called the parrot pattern I think it's quickly becoming your favorite pattern as well It's my favorite pattern now This hook, believe it or not, this hook was fished for pike for about two hours yesterday

This was brand new out of the package And the paint on these Svartzonker lures is some of the most durable that you'll buy on any lure And this thing is– I mean, we got to take it to [? macon ?] when we get back It's shot Yup

Really nice thing is, interchangeable tails You can pull these off You can put a different color on Once they get– you can see this one's bit up a little bit Once it's destroyed, you can just change it out, put a new tail on, and back to new

But these are– fishing big plugs is pretty standard for trophy pike and, especially in the north But this is by far our favorite Yeah Some other things we've been using here Are just your basic Berkley swim bait

This is a six-inch swim bait It has some scent to it as well The fish– the first fish that I caught, the first pike I caught up here, was on this swim bait And it just inhaled it You couldn't even see it

So the fish, when they're on to these swim baits, it's really fun Yeah And they're– the paddle, it makes a nice– nice vibrations in the water and just drives those fish crazy That's always been one of our favorite for pike And you can get them pre-rigged like Neil had, or you can get them just a plastic body and you can rig them yourself

You can get a weighted hook or a weightless [? have ?] fish in top water, fish in weedless Those are available in a variety of colors and patterns as well And then, obviously, spoons has been a staple for fishing pike in the north for as long as they've been around Yeah

So we've got the Len Thompson We got the new ones We got the dimpled series We've got the platinum series All of them very, very good

And we use these from the number four size all the way down to– now, this is a Sebile spoon, but it's about the same size as number two, which is great for pike it's an excellent minnow imitator So big spoons And we always say it We use the number twos, the Len Thompson number twos, for pike

You get a lot of fish on him, absolutely Yep Big fish, big baits Big number 4 And that's why we use the monster stuff

Yup I think that's about it for pike Yep Hopefully the weather is going to clear up here Looks like it is

We're going to get a chance to get back on the water today Check out some of the stuff that we're using Again, any questions about the tackle, any questions about the equipment that we've got, check us out of the forum, ask your questions If we don't answer you, somebody else the community will Or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter, and we'll see what we can do to help you out

Yep Sounds good

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