New Zealand Fishing – I sea perch! (Kaikoura)

We are about to move, we are fishing in deep water right now, we need more shallow water Charter fishing part 2 Y2Jay Does Asia – New Zealand "my backyard" I think the lines are tangled this orange fish is called "sea perch" I've got something, two I think you little bastard! that's the one that got away (the big one too) yes, I have one come here little fish! how does it feel?! I bet you feel pretty stupid! I once caught a fish "this big" let's see how we are doing with this fish I have one, my last fish of the day we are about to head back I'm feeling sick! I'm feeling sick! going to vomit? docking that's rough on the vehicle! So what is the name of your business? South Bay Fishing Charters We are on the internet, we have a website We will take you out, look after you, catch some fish, and bring you back alive! Well that's it, that's it, finished, it's finished! We are going to go and cook these fish so tune in next time for the next episode on my channel share the video and subscribe! In the next video: eating the fish Please consider subscribing if you liked the video

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