New Zealand Fishing – Crayfish (Kaikoura)

Kaikoura, New Zealand, Charter fishing Part 1 Y2Jay Does Asia – New Zealand "my backyard" today we are going on a charter boat, fishing for crayfish (lobster) that's not our boat, it's another boat that's our boat there well we are on our way! Elise (from Hong Kong), I asked if it's her first time on a charter boat so this is a global position system tracker this is where we are, this is where we are going, to "Barney's rock" we have a crayfish pot set there, from yesterday this is a sounder, it gives us a picture of the ocean floor you can see there are a few fish down there there are lots of spiny dogfish where we are now, we don't want them also there are barracuda down there too just out there, is our lobster pot we have our name on our pots no there's no lobster in there (joking) no lobsters? really???!!!! I guess some are too small? yes we have to measure them some of them are in for a very bad day so I'm going to show you how to take them out and measure them we also have to see whether they are male or female this one is a female, it has 2 claws on it's rear legs that's a good one, we can keep it this one is a male this one is a male, and also is going to have a bad day you have to cut the tail, across, to show fisheries officers that these lobsters are for eating and not sale do not cut them too deep, they will bleed this one has 2 claws, it's female just let me measure this one doesn't want to be measured and she also is going to have a bad day Oh, sorry lobster! Yeah right! (sarcasm) you're not sorry it's tricky, I'm doing it left handed this one is too small this one is a female, possibly too small, yes it is too small is that your personal lobster? We have 5 the salmon bait is going into the pot baiting again we just put the pot back in the water We are about to do ordinary fishing now now we have fishing lines in the water if the tip of the rod bounces, we might have a fish Coco has a fish I think it's only been in the water less than 1 minute fish is coming! false alarm, nothing Oh I have one, it is a sea perch! it's a good size let's try again big albatross just got free food fight! fight! fight! fight! another sea perch coming up don't let it go! oh nothing! Elise just caught 2 big ones hello little sea perch! In the next video: charter fishing part 2 If you enjoyed the video, please consider subscribing, and sharing it on facebook!

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