New Water: Tugby Lake for Whiteshell Brook Trout

We just finished up helping at the Falcon Lake Winter Fish Off, which was a super fun event, but now it's our turn to catch some fish We're in Jackson's Lodge and Outpost cabin on Echo Lake with Andrew Klopak and Michelle Trudeau

Yesterday we rode in through George and Forbes and caught some beautiful lake trout And we're going to use this cabin as our jumping-off point What's going to be new about it for us this weekend is the four of us are going to head into Tugby Lake and we're going to try to catch some brook trout Look at this trout I caught this morning And now we're going for brook trout

I'm so excited Michelle, do brook trout funk you up? 🎵Brook trout funk you upbrook trout funk you up

🎵 Tugby is a football field-sized lake that's just south of Echo, where we have the cabin this weekend It's like a hope, skip and a jump to get onto it We'll drill some holes and we'll see what we find It took us a while to get here today, but we got into Tugby at about 3 o'clock We drilled a couple of holes off of what looked like some decent points and an island and mark fish pretty quickly, actually — suspended a couple feet off bottom

I got a couple it hits right away and hopefully we're gonna see some of those fish on the ice before the day is done Dead sticking the cricket He's got a kype — it's a male He is beautiful We were in 11 feet of water and I caught him in about seven

What were you using Carolyn? An Ultra Light Rippin Rap — number three — that's stuck to my gloves Caught a fish, caught some gloves What did you catch? My first brook trout It's not big, but it sure is pretty How'd that feel? That fish hit it like a freight train

That was awesome Yeah I want to catch another one So what have we figured out now? Well, rattle baits are getting the smaller ones to come in And the little cricket, I have hooked up

We're catching in about 17 to eight feet of water — anywhere in that range It seems like rattle baits are the ticket today We've got one on a fake cricket on a very small jig as a set hook The rest of them we're on basically a Rippin Rap The whole adventure of getting out to these backwood lakes is pretty exciting

Beautiful cabin that we were able to stay at, you come home and the fire's been going so the cabins warm And the fishing is a bonus There's no question we all like to catch fish and for myself, I caught my first brookie ever– and got a couple of them So that was pretty exciting And the lake trout action was pretty good

We would have liked to catch a few more, but we all got into them so it was a great weekend

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