New lure for Perch and the 1st catch using it

Hello, this is the fishing dude again Today I want to talk about my bait, especially about my latest one But first briefly something about my motivations in this regard In the lake where I usually fish, there are lots of pikes Of course, that's one of the reasons why I catch a lot of them

But actually I would much rather catch more perch That's why I've used quite a few different baits over the past year, especially small specimens to attract more perch and less pike It is not necessary to use especially small baits if you want to catch perch, especially if you want to catch big perches Even if I have already caught perch of 35 cm and more in this lake, I doubt that there are many here And because larger baits tend to attract larger fish, I tried with smaller lures to increase my catches with perch I have no problem catching small perch, Because every catch gives me more experience with these fish And I want to get to know as many potential perch spots as possible in this shallow lake with muddy bottom, as there are not many obvious barges here, such as underwater structures So first I used 6

5cm shads instead of the 95cm version In addition, have 6cm Twister

tried small crank baits and very small spinners I've used these different baits all year long and and was able to improve my success with smaller hooks, filigree leaders and modified bait guidance But I was not satisfied with the results yet And after a fishing trip to another lake with a more experienced friend who brought one perch from the water with even smaller softbaits I decided to buy even smaller baits The smallest bait that my favorite manufacturer of eco-friendly rubber lures offers is this trout lure He is about 35 cm long and has the nice feature of turning

But that's why I do not want to use it with a JigHead Her manufacturer recommends using it that way Directly at the trout hook, which is then tied to the leader To be able to throw this assembly, one must add some weight I have used a sbirolino in conjunction with a rather long leader

Sbirolinos are aerodynamic weights that are threaded directly onto the main line and to enable a very lightweight bait to be ejected very far They are available in floating and sinking versions While they are quite common in Europe, they seem to be quite unknown or uncommon in the US So now I was able to throw out the bait and it went very well but unfortunately only if the whole assembly did not get tangled when ejected, which unfortunately happened too often The problem could possibly be minimized if you knot all connections instead of using whirls and carabiners But since my fishing trips are often very short, I want to be able to change the mounts and baits quickly

I was also unable to eject very accurately The weight itself was pretty accurate but the bait fell then just somewhere in the water which in my opinion was not optimal with the long leader So I thought about a way how the bait can keep turning freely, but the weight is mounted closer to it That's my solution: hook, Fast Lock Snap, 3-jaw whirl, Flex Head

* Instead of the carbine also likes to use a 2-3 mm snap ring And the whole thing even works The bait still turns but of course you lose weight due to the lower weight Let's see what I caught in this way first Of course it is a 70cm pike Of course, if hungry hunters are there, they could strike You can avoid small catches with big baits, the other way round the whole thing does not work But yes, I've already caught perch with this assembly I think I will get this one ultra light solid-tip rod to throw and handle this assembly even better I'm excited about this latest access in my bait box and think the bait will give me a lot of fish in the future Let me have a comment, a like or of course a subscription there! Until next time, have a nice day and of course: Petri Heil!

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