My First (EVER) River Fly Fishing Trout! Poudre River Fort Collins Colorado

Hey everyone, my name is CJ

and I believe everyone can catch trophy fish with enough persistence And I hope I can prove it today Well, I don't expect to catch a trophy fish but I am going to do something new for the first time I have a fly rod and I've used it to catch a lot of panfish in lakes And I've caught trout in lakes too, but I've never caught a trout in the river So I'm at the river today and I'm just gonna work it real hard and see if we can catch a trout out of the river on my lfy rod So that's the goal for today, let's get to it It's a nice kind of warm day, it's overcast, importantly there's no wind

So I think it's going to be perfect for fly fishing, let's get to it Do you think I'll be able to do it? I don't know Pretty good castability right there, I'm quite pleased I have an interview tomorrow, so it would be nice to be able to show up to that interview and say "oh yeah, I'm a fly fisherman, check out what I caught yesterday" "you should give me a job because I'm one of the cool kids, a cool Colorado kid" Alright people we're in the water now, oh there's a spoon No, there's like an actual spoon This isn't like the worst piece of trash that could be in the water, but it's still pretty silly

Now that I've been in the water for a good 30 seconds, it is cold on my feet I guess if I can't find any fish, I still have a pretty good river treasure hunting video, cause I found that spoon Alright people here we are hunting for treasure in the Poudre River Hare's ear huh? The ranger gave me a tip, some guy said he was catching them with hare's ear nymphs But to be honest, I'm pretty sure I have them but I forget which one it is (laughs) So I just picked a different nymph that looks kind of hare-ey

Yes, oh noooo! I had one on! Oh my heart is beating so fast (singing) the water is cold (singing) feels good to be out of the water (singing) getting frost bite on my toes (singing) I'm walking back to my truck, a defeated man It was so hard to leave this river, but I've got stuff to do today Anyway I'm trying not to be too disappointed, I had a lot of fun You probably won't see this video until I've caught a fish, so maybe that's a teaser For what's about to come in the next couple minutes, who knows? I hope so I don't like posting videos when I don't catch anything alright, gotta go do some chores, got an interview tomorrow, and then gonna get back to fishing, so yeah let's do that

here's your first look at the river, I'm gonna fish over here real quick see if there's anything interesting going on Yes look at that! oh! what do I do? What do I do? Gotta get my net, gotta get my net! oh my gosh, oh my gosh I can't reach my net oh yeah! Yes! Yes! (laughing) I'm getting to the shore (laughs) It happened! (excited squeel) look at him nice fish Oh I have to take so many pictures There are so many pictures to take right now Oh my gosh, look at this

Nice trout Oh, the most beautiful colors I've ever seen in my life! I gotta release him, here he is! He's doing good, he's just waiting to be released I wish I could take a selfie with him, I don't know if there's a way to take a selfie Let's try out here when I release him Yes, look, look! Look what I've done! Look what I've found! Oh! He's so beautiful, he's so small Okay you ready? You ready buddy? Let me know when you're ready, and swim off

There he goes past my fly rod I Am Stoked It happened just like they said it would My bobber paused, I set the hook, I thought I was snagged And yeah I just tried to keep tension on him My

Goodness I have never been so My heart is beating so fast That was incredible That was incredible

Hey everybody, I just wanted to show you what my setup is, in case anyone cares This rod is the cheapest fly rod that I could buy I bought it ten years ago I think, or my Dad bought it for me It's a shakespeare combo I did replace the real so now I have an Okuma real But this is a three piece eight foot rod It's a 5/6 weight line rod and I think I have 5 weight line on it

I'm using a thingamabobber, very small size, as a strike indicator And I have a very small split shot I think it's a I'll look it up, it's number six I think

And then I was using this nymph I think I made two casts to that area that I thought looked promising based on what people on YouTube were saying Shoutout to the main guy I watch for fly fishing right now, Is Gone Fishing Co, his name is Raph, he's awesome Shoutout Raph, hope you're watching That was my first trout, out of a river, with a fly rod I have caught trout in a lake on a fly rod before, but to me for some reason that's just so much different That's why I freaked out so much, I

Yeah I freaked out (laughs) Yeah! Whoooo! I did it! Did you see it? Mom! Dad! (laughs) We did it, we caught another one, can you believe it? Two, in five minutes?! Look at him , isn't that a beautiful fish? That one's a little bit bigger, let's release him Look at that fish! ha! look at him, he's so beautiful Thank you so much! Wow, Wow! Woooooow! (laughs) Oh man! Oh I put my reel completely in the water, is that bad? I was freaking out This is such a historic moment for me This is unbelievable Shoutout to everybody who's tutorial videos I've been watching, they've been helpful The last two weeks I've been getting skunked a lot, with the end of my ice fishing

I've been trying a little bit of fly fishing, I've gone twice I think I tried bass fishing but caught nothing so, this is like This is life changing for me, to catch that first fish on a fly rod, and then catch a second one on the same day

I'm sure I could catch more if I stayed but I've got to get going here So if you're interested in this kind of video, I hope it provided you some entertainment or some kind of encouragement Please subscribe, I'm gonna be doing fly fishing all spring and all summer I'm trying to publish two videos a week right now, so there's lots of videos for you to enjoy Leave a comment below telling me about the first time you caught a fish on a fly rod, or any tips and tricks you might have for me, any help is welcome So thanks everybody, and I'll talk to you soon!

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