MONSTER SNOEK uit de rivier op kunstaas – Pike fishing with a RIVER MONSTER (English subtitles)

owshe is so heavy look at this I got problems with my camera Have to figure out how to take a picture and solve the problem I'll show you the release but look at the widt A huge large river pike, nothing wrong with that A true monster 119 centimeters long river monster My photo camera refusesmust be my luck oh well she is really heavy It was not my intension to go fishing on the river today but am I glad I did And look at this

it blows me away really massive and heavy gonna give her a kiss and release her yess a true river monster well first fish of the day gonna measure her and let her go I can hear the next jumping behing me so have to move quickly and she is

101 centimeters long Don't have to be ashamed for that héé yeah 101 centimeters give her kiss bye You have to fish high Hey, but know you have earned a cup of coffee You want a cup? yes if you have one There haven't been caught much the last days Yeah it took me two hours before this fish On a spinner?

No on a big shad Do they take such a bait

yes but you don't move the bait you just leave in the water measure the fish Or do you move it a little bit Yes just pull it thru the water on with the video the fist of the day 94 centimeters long Shall I take a picture? 94 cm long the first one of the day The camera is a bit low so I have to bend a little I got the camera pointed at me Oh oke you got it towards yourself There she goes Second fish of the day, lets see how long she is lets see 101 centimeters nice fat fish great looking pike gonna give a kiss and release her well again a nice fish and the third of the day 93 centimeters First of todaynot a big one but its fish measure her quickly and it is 84 centimetersnice pike put her back quickly and lets get another one first of this cold day so gonna put her back bye and she is gone got the measuring tape? Well cast number twenty or so A nice wild pike that I think will go over a meter long She took the bait hard and she is yeah what will it be

98 centimeters I thought it would be a meter long but it doesn't matter its a nice fish gonna take some pictures You are a little bit far awaydoesn't matter I can cut it away , no problem another one relax there she goesshe is blond on one side don't know if you can see it, that is just a shame anywayshe is getting a kiss So I got the tree right on the picture hahaha Now we are wasting our time again grrrr its us again hahaha damn grrr

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