Louisiana Trout Fishing and Redfish with Spinnerbaits

♪♪ They're there There he is that's a good one! ♪ I just let that sucker sit there

♪♪ They're there There he is that's a good one! ♪ I just let that sucker sit there I just let it sit there for a second and he ate it (Lets go then) ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ ♪♪ ♪ >>Neat Neat little grass line it's just clear right in there isn't it? >>Yup, that's where they are just cruising back and fourth on >>Those are mangrove trees huh? >>Yeah, there are mangroves all through here

>>Did they get brought in here by somebody or are they natural? >>No, we are pretty close to the Gulf This is natural stuff >>Yes sir that wind is howling! Probably blowing the most I've ever seen it blow here >>Yeah, it's just one of them days that just keeps nagging you >>Definitely keeps nagging

Well welcome to this episode of Addictive Fishing Fishing one of my favorite places in the world We are right off of Buras, Louisiana We are fishing out of Cajun Fishing Adventures and we got Captain Ross Montet with us Let me tell you something, it's blowing but the fish are still biting

We're in Louisiana so we're gonna see what we can catch, you said we're working this trough here? >>Yeah there's a little trough right here where the fish are cruising the shoreline So hopefully we can get these spinner baits in there and get them to bite >>Wherever there is the saw grass like this it's the only place I've ever caught fish, actually redfish using the spinner bait Something you really don't do in salt water much is spinner baits, but they absolutely do the trick here >>They put out great vibrations

>>I love doing spinner baits too man because you can sit there and watch that and then you see the big gold flash you know >>Another thing too with it being windy like today, you can constantly feel the line >>Yeah >>Long as you are swimming a little jig or something So much slack comes into it

When them redfish do hit them They smoke 'em ♪♪ Fish on! speckled trout >>Trout on a spinner bait ♪ Let's see if he's got a big brother

How about your trout limits here, what do you got for trout limits? >>Twelve inches and twenty five a person Pretty liberal Maybe a little too liberal ♪ Fish on! >>Fish on there he is! Sitting right there where he's suppose to be >>Yeah textbook

>>Oh fish off ♪ Maybe he's got a brother there Oh, there he is that's a good one! He's trying to get back in there Come on dude >>How does that one feel there Blair? >>That one feels a little better

>>That's a pretty one >>He's a pretty one Oh he likes the bottom of the Skeeter Come here dude Hey that one would almost weigh in a tournament

>>Come here little guy Back on you >>That tail is lit up too Good job On a windy day here out of Buras, Louisiana

And it is blowing today About blowing me over [laughs] Are we gonna keep all those for the lodge tonight? >>Yeah I believe so >>Your limits are pretty much the same here as they are in Florida right? >>Yeah pretty similar, we are sixteen to twenty seven inches and five a person You are allowed one per person over twenty seven inches

We can keep a few more and >>Yeah y'all don't keep them big bulls though do you? >>Nah, them big ones are trophy fish That's your breeders, we let them go

We want to keep the population healthy >>Same thing in my neck of the woods except we're only allowed to keep one Which is good Some parts of Florida you can keep two For the most part you're keeping one fish

But that one there would be a keeper about anywhere Florida or Louisiana huh? >>No doubt, that's a good eating size fish right here >>I can taste that redfish on the half shell right now Y'all stay tuned, we're going to be right back with some more addictive fishing Captain Ross from Cajun Fishing Adventures right here in Buras Louisiana

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And by Trokar The world's sharpest fish hook ♪♪ <Ross>Come on fishy, fishy <Blair>Should be able to see them if they are cruising ♪ Well welcome back folks

It's so windy today I know it's tough to tell on the camera, but it is blowing So what we're doing is we're kind of staking off fish a spot and hopefully one of these spots we stop at there's going to be some fish >>If you look right out here you got them little white oyster poles Each of them poles represents a little mound or point that use to stick out and that's what we'll do we'll get some dead bait and fish them oysters hoping a redfish or a drum or something will be on it Makes it easy on a tough day

Instead of shrimp today we are fishing spinner baits which puts off a great vibration Darker color water so I'm using a dark bait >>Well tell me something about the marsh here, I haven't fished here in two years And I hardly recognize any of this marsh and I know I've fished if I had my old tracks and stuff in my Humminbird I know I had run across some of these bayous and some of this marsh >>Oh yeah you probably have and today riding out here we rode across a lot of stuff that was land within the last two years

It's subsiding pretty bad Very rapid actually every thirty eight minutes we lose a football field of land It's just, it's a bad deal for the state We're losing land and land is storm protection it's estuaries for the fish out here and huge to the way of life in Louisiana We can't afford it

There he is! Fish on! >>Boy that looks like a good one too He's making waves on the waves Oh yeah! A grown one >>Little bit more shoulders than the last couple that I've caught [laughing] ♪ >>He's all rolled up

♪♪ So what's the lodge bet going? What do you got fifteen or twenty people staying in the lodge and last night they were talking about the biggest fish under twenty seven inches you might have it >>Yeah I might be in the money >>I think they said they were going to pay a thousand bucks >>Ha, well they have the good luck >>I don't think he's going to quite make the twenty seven inch limit though

>>No he might be a little over that >>Might be an over size That's a pretty redfish there Let me see if I can still land one >>I think you got it

>>I've done it once or twice ♪ Come here dude I don't know he might go at uh, twenty eight inches? That ain't a bad redfish there >>You could get your ruler out that your momma gave you >>That's a nice one there

That is a grown one >>That's a healthy one >>Oh man did he swallow that thing I got it Check that out the old Morning Glory with a Trokar jig head in it

On a spinner bait He bent your spinner bait completely up >>Yeah he mangled it >>It is amazing how these redfish can get lures back in their crushers and just totally smash them He's got a cool little spot on his tail don't he? Looks like an eye ball

Just what it's supposed to look like >>That's exactly what it's supposed to look like >>I haven't said it on the show in quite a long time but when they are little small fish it looks like an eye and most other fish when they attack and try to eat prey, they go after the eyeball and you see his eyeball up there is not really that big but that is a more pronounced looking eyeball right there It helps them get away Absolutely beautiful fish

This one is going back to the lodge tonight have us some blackened redfish there at Cajun Fishing Adventures Y'all stay tuned we are going to be right back with Captain Ross Montet right out of Buras, Louisiana catching these beautiful, beautiful redfish Awesome ♪ <Blair>Come on <Ross>Really looks fishy right in here

>>I don't think there are too many places in Louisiana that don't look fishy >>I know, tell me about it We are so spoiled we don't even know it [laughing] >>Welcome back folks, we're still plugging away on what I keep calling a blusterous windy day I know you guys can't tell how windy it is out here, but a lot of the spots that we normally fish are so blown out we can't even fish them today We're taking our spinner baits and just knocking out the points anything that looks good where there might be a fish and hopefully there's gonna be a few more around today

It is definitely challenging So Ross how long have you been there at Cajun Fishing Adventures? >>Going on seven years now It'll be seven this fall Started right out of high school and did this part time through college and now it's a full time gig for me Enjoying every minute of it

♪ Blair, Blair, look right over there >>Oh yeah, yeah ♪♪ Is it a red? >>I'm not sure I just seen it's tail come up and a little swirl I would imagine it is

But it could be our elusive black drum we were looking at There's a red! ♪♪ >>Another little guy That's the size you all love to eat though isn't it? >>He's got a tag in him >>Sure enough does You gonna turn it in? >>So what I would do with this guy here since he is under sized

I'd get the numbers off of him, get a weight, a measurement, and then a gps location >>Now is the state tagging these fish from the hatchery or what? No this could be CCA, this could be anybody State tag will be a green tag which is Wildlife and Fisheries

Any fisherman down here can get a tag kit and tag a fish and this is one of them right here >>Yeah I use to tag the redfish back when I was guiding back in Cocoa Beach and I probably tagged about a thousand fish and never did get hardly any of my tags back I think I got like three of them back >>It's definitely rare It's like shooting a banded duck

>>My mom is gonna be happy [laughing] >>She bought me this duct tape she was watching a show not too long ago and I didn't have anything to measure them by There we go Right at sixteen inches look at that >>Let's see what we got

>>Go all the way to the zero there Fifteen and- >>Three quarters >>Thanks for the tape mom! [laughing] ♪ >>Louisiana It's the sportsman's paradise It's one of the best places I've ever fished in my entire life

And every thirty eight minutes there is something pretty tragic that happens out there It's the erosion that's going on in Louisiana It's a very tragic story that's going on Captain Ryan Lambert I stay down there in Buras, Louisiana at Cajun Fishing Adventures and he knows the marsh like nobody that I know

There is no one else better to tell the story of what's going on down there, than Captain Ryan Lambert >>Essentially we've lost two thousand square miles of land in Louisiana To put that in perspective, the grand canyon is nineteen hundred and seven square miles We've lost an area larger than the grand canyon and we're losing a football field every thirty eight minutes So now we are going to have to return the river back into these marshes to bring back the sediments and the nutrients and take that salt and push it back out to the Gulf because when the salt comes in It kills the fresh water aquatics, the root system goes away and next thing you know, your land

That was six point three miles of land across there >>Fifteen years ago was my first time here and we were coming across the Empire Bridge there and out just beyond Joshua's Marine there was land on the other side and it was almost as far as you could see and you told me, Blair in ten years this land is not going to be here it's going to be four foot of water and there's actually six foot of water there now >>Yeah its one time in my life I wish I wasn't right but, it's mostly due to the levee on the Mississippi River for navigation and flood control We did it back a hundred years ago and now we've lost all that land People need to get involved in this

This is the largest environmental disaster in the country, in the world and no one knows about it That's incredible Fifty years or a hundred years from now, some geologist will take a core sample and say wow look in two thousand ten it looks like they must have had a major oil spill That's nothing, this won't be here fifty years from now if we don't do something We have to return the river back into these marshes and that's what I'm doing

There's doers and there is talkers, and there is studiers We got way too many talkers and studiers it's time to get it done If I got to do it myself, so be it I'm not afraid >>If you happen to go down there to Louisiana if you've never been out there

Get one of the old charts that they have down there and compare it to your GPS This graphic shows what's been happening basically over the past fifty years I've been coming here fifteen years and there is places that I fished then that I don't even recognize now It's not just affecting the fishery, it's affecting families, guide businesses, hunting businesses, twenty five percent of the nation's seafood comes from Louisiana If we lose it, we're going to have to buy it from somewhere else and I don't want to buy it from anywhere else

We're just trying to make you aware of what's going on Anything that happens that might be able to benefit the marsh, hope you all can get involved >>Catch a big gator trout in here >>What's a gator trout here? >>A good trout here would be five or six pounds Get eight, nine, ten, twelve pounds depending where you're at

Fish on! >>There he is, good one there ♪ Gonna go back? ♪ ♪♪ ♪ Looks like a good one >>Yeah, another good one >>I don't know why he didn't want my spinner bait, I had my spinner bait down there ten times ♪ Come here dude

♪ You got some flat mean redfish here ♪♪ That one looks like it's gonna be some blackened redfish at the lodge tonight too huh? >>Mm hmm, I'm afraid so It wasn't the best choice this fish ever made in his life >>Not a bad one huh? That one might go to that lodge measurement right there, he's about twenty six and a half >>Yeah another good little fish

>>I'll tell you what you changed over to that morning glory or should I say you stayed with it Maybe I should have started with it [laughs] I'm gonna change my bait out Y'all stay tuned we're gonna be right back out of Buras, Louisiana on a nice windy day catching redfish with Captain Ross Montet We'll be right back (Play it) <VO>Addictive Fishing, is brought to you by Star Brite

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<Blair>Oyster? They bite here too huh? >>I had some guys the other day we were out fishing and all three of them hooked an oyster and they were like man are they good to eat? I said well hang on we'll find out Got a little knife shucked them open and they said this is as good as being in the restaurant Perfect salty About as fresh as you're gonna get too >>Don't get much fresher than that

So what's the height of the river right now? >>It's coming up to fourteen foot at the Carrollton gage which is extremely high The parking lot is full of water when you launch your boat you launch your truck with it It makes it kind of tough, it's really muddy On top of this wind we got today >>What's your favorite height you like it? >>I really like it when it's around five foot to be honest with you

It's enough to keep good fresh water coming through, but it's still low enough that saltwater can still come in and bring fishing in and keep water clean in places as well The lower the river the better >>I've got to fish it one time when it was like two foot and it was just crystal clear Emerald green >>It's a crazy thing

A crazy phenomenon ♪ >>Fish on! There you go What we both cast there about five times didn't we? >>Finally decides, hey I want to eat >>A little guy? >>Yeah he's just a little guy ♪♪ ♪ >>There you go, now you can show him off

And I can catch this biggan over here ♪ Little dude >>Another one to take back home to momma ♪ <VO>Rig it right, by Wright and McGill >>On today's rig it right segment I'm gonna show you what we were using out there today, but first I want to talk a little about Louisiana

One of my favorite places to fish in the entire world You can go, literally any given day of the week and catch your limit of redfish, trout, flounder they don't call it the sportsman's paradise for nothing it is one place that I've seen- I don't want to say it too bad but I've seen it deteriorate just because the lack of conservation efforts that go on in Louisiana right now They are losing so much of their marsh land every single minute it's unbelievable The fishing this time was a little off We did get to catch some redfish

I was throwing the seven-two Ross was actually throwing the bait caster this time First time that's ever been on the show Throwing spinner baits You have to have something in that water, the wind kicks up now there's no grass to hold all that silt down so it gets real dirty real quick when the wind kicks up

It gives off great vibration We were using a DOA Cal we threw a plethora of lures out there today but this one here was definitely getting the job done A DOA Cal And that's the Morning Glory and it looks just like a mud minnow out there That's one of their favorite baits to feed on So if y'all ever get a chance to head down to Ryan Lambert's place it's called Cajun Fishing Adventures in Buras, Louisiana

I highly recommend it His guides will do everything that they can to put you on the fish Captain Ross did everything he could to basically make a show that day We got a show, hope you enjoyed it We caught some fish, but most of all you saw what the conservation efforts are going on in Louisiana right now

Remember one thing though, every fishing season starts right here at Dick's That about wraps up today's show Hope y'all enjoyed it It was a little bit slower than I like to bring from Louisiana, but that about wraps it up We'll see you next week

♪♪ >>Check out more footage from this show by logging on to Addictive Fishing dot com for out takes and bloopers >>Oh, there he is that's a good one ♪ >>What is it a trout? Gahh, dog! >>Fish on? Fish on! How you doing, huh huh

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