JAGTEN PÅ KÆMPE GEDDEN #3 – På tur med Zpey (1/2) | Pike Fishing

Damn this one is big OOH! Out with Zpey – Part 1 of 2 Welcome to the 3rd episode of "Hunting giant Pike" Today we will be fishing with Per and Per from Zpey flyfishing And the one Per He has access to a private lake which I've heard so much about And supposedly it should be great pike water It's out in nowhere and nobody ever fishes this lake But we have access to it which is super awesome because fishing like this is hard to come across So I'm kind off excited about this lake and whether we can manage to actually catch these pikes There has been some freezing nights lately and hopefully that will get the Pikes out to feed So hopes are high We will mainly fish with the fly Because after all, it is the Zpey guys that I'm fishing with and offcourse they want to fish with flyrod But I've asked Per about maybe if the fishing is hard If I'm not allowed to throw out some baitfish on the bottom If i put some rum on him and a couple of beer, then i guess it's no problem So we can land some proper fish But offcourse the #1 priority is to get a big fucker to take the fly 100cm+ would be great and this is defenetly the right lake for that I'm at the house in a minute Where we are grouping up with per Damn this is way out in nowhere [Per Gylling – Gear developer at ZPEY] This place is awesome [Per Gylling – Gear developer at ZPEY] Good day to you! – You've been out yet? – No This place is wicked – But we have to get out right away – Yes i agree Well let's get to it I've set the anchor up here And I'm fishing this side down to the lillypads Per says that a pike fly should never be bigger than a mans hand But I'm a "bigger is better" type of guy So i put on the biggest, meanest fly i have And well fish without barbs here så we have to remove those Like so Yes So now we just need to get the first fish Let's get to it! Yeah! It's kinda small isn't it? Noo! Maybe i can get it still So close haha! It swam right into the edge of the net – You actually touched ut – Haha yeah I felt it as he hit the net – Haha – Awesome – Yeah at least we had a take – Yeah [Per K Pefersen – CEO at ZPEY] – You know what i thought about? – You actually hadn't seen me coming so I thought about shooting in the lake just to scare you guys – Haha – I would have shit my pants so badly! – Nooo! – Woooh! – Damn that's the stuff right there – Waow! – Holy moly! – It's something that "Gylle" got as a present – Awesome – Well I need something to boost the morale Yeah! – Not much has happened to be honest – Really? – Not much at all

– I had one take – Only one? – Yeah – Very gentle take – On? – On the spinning rod – On spin? – Yes – And I have actually fished quite a bit with herring – And busted my ass off with the fly aswell – And nothing? – Nothing at all – Happy hour incoming! – Uhh! – That's the sound of dreams right there – Uhhhh! – Ooh! – That's the stuff that will keep us warm Thanks – Cheers! – Cheers – Oh that's lovely Shit it's warming me up! – Yeah right? – I really needed that cause all I've been drinking is beer – And it just feels like that makes you more cold – Haha Now the boss have arrived and we are preparing everything for tonight Because we wanna cook a pike this evening The boss brought a lot of things to prepare it This is kinda Kill & Eat insipret So lets cut to him so he can tell us all about what is going to happen today And why we are actually out here at this lake We, a little part of the Zpey team, have travelled up north to a little secret lake We are really inspired with the Kill & Eat concept here in Zpey So we have decided to take a few days out here in the wild, to do just that Here we have out pike-pot So we plan to go out and catch a pike for that in a bit We have leek, carrots, onions, potatoes, garlic and a lot of spices So #1 would be to get a pike for the stew If we fail to catch the pike, then we'll have to use plan B I'm so fortunate that I just passed hunting class So if a duck should come our way, we'll have a delicious duck roast for the evening If we should be unsuccessful in our attempt of that aswell, then we have plan C Which is the looser-bag It's right over here I don't even dare to show you what's in it But we can say for sure, that it is something out of this world So let's not hope for that – Well cheers – We just opened "Gyllemandens" present from last weeken – He doesn't know – He also haven't tried it himself yet – But are just seeing if it's good enough for him – And then he can have a taste – Cheers! – Cheers – Oh wow that's good – Really good – I think it's maybe good enough for him – Yeah it's damn good – Should we just make sure it's good enough? – Yes! – We need one for the other leg as well – Haha – And then we'll go get our pike – Yes, i agree – I thought you had i take just now – That would have been perfect – Perfect timing – Yes! – So what's on the menu for today? – We are having Pike-pot – No, what we are having now? – Oh god dammit! haha – haha – Well we are having a classic boat menu – Which is a "Dagmar Pie" served with Tuborg Classic – Oh! – It doesn't get any more fancy than this – And that's maybe like, 1000 calories? – No more maybe? – Yes a whole Dagmar Pie should be around 2000 calories – 2000? – Yes i would say – Well we do need calories – Uff! The way we are fishing here is that I'm the captain And I'm sailing us backwards so Per can throw his fly in the weeds Then he takes a few strips and if he gets no fish, then he throws again And i have a dead roach hanging behind us So if Per doesn't get it with the fly they will get a second chance with the roach And then they will come and go like Slam bam! – Bam! – Bom! – Oh and the ducks will come by for the night any second now – That's actually what we are mainly excited about – You are not hungry at all? Did you even take a piss today? – No i haven't – You are a machine man! – That's insane! – Thanks – Damn, this is just life – It's pretty amazing out here – As we stood by the house, a pack of ducks flew just over it – I could have bloody shot them if I had my gun! – Six ducks – Five-six ducks right Andreas? – Yeah atleast! – And right after a second pack came flying in – You could easily have shot them aswell – I can tell you that a swan tastes like shit – Then I'd rather eat hearts and liver – But the Germans eat swans? – Remember to turn of the camera if any swans should come by! – Haha! – Something will come by for sure – That looks so cozy – Well it is – This is just perfect – It's even colder in the house than it is outside – I'll show you the house in a bit – Yes! – And the toilet in the basement – Instead of saying "Plop" it says "Donk" – Because there is ice in the toilet – It's freezing down there! – Haha! – So, status update for day 1? – Well – We cannot brag about catching any pike – And the ducks which was plan B – We failed at that as well – So – Now we need a Easter-Alé to cheer up – Just to handle the sadness in all this – Hell yeah – Well Easter lasts until Christmas right? – Yes it does my friend Cheers! – Nice being here with you guys – Hell yes Per – Well the Pike-pot is still standing outside but without a pike – Which is kind of the main ingredient – So we have to use plan C – Yes because plan B didn't work out either – No ducks today so we have to use the Looser-bag – Here it is

The "Looser-bag" – Whats this? – Chilibernaise! – Chilibernaise? – Oh and there's even two of them? – Double up – Double up – Cool man – And pepper – Garlic – That's the stuff – A leek? – What? – Oh! – Oh! – Rib eyes <3 – Is it really rib eyes? – Good stuff man! – Well I'm kinda happy you guys didn't catch anything – I was just about to say that – Mmmh! <3 – Well some people would perhaps say that it is like you saw this coming? – Well I arrived here kind of late right? – And some time actually passed before we got to the fishing – Because we had to taste "Gylles" rum – His present to guarantee it was good enough for him – And because of that some time passed before we got to the whole fishing part – Yes

– I could see that on the bottle – haha – But that's okay, there's more of that from whence it came – Well shouldn't we prepare the food then? – Heck yeah! – Yes – Is there anymore in "Gylles" present? – We need a barbeque – Yes yes! – There's more? – Yes yes yes! – We cannot cook without rum! – It's half full – Good good – Half full still – Thats a good boy! Yes! – You half emptied the bottle out there guys – Haha – Well you came and helped us a little bit too – Damn that's the stuff! – Yes! – It's so good – You think you will be able to keep warm? – Well you have the fireplace out here ofcourse – Yeah i have a fire going on out here – Fuck off – haha – Arh! – Luxurious – Well that's it for today – Sleep tight – First day has passed way too fast – But we still have a full day tomorrow – To hunt a pike – And a fuck – Haha yes – And a cormorant – We'll shoot everything – And a goose – Haha – You sleep tight you! – Goodnight

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