JAGTEN PÅ KÆMPE GEDDEN #2 – Meters Gedde Bonanza | Pike Fishing

– Oh wow it's massive! WOOOOW! – Well hello and haha! – Hello and Welcome! – Yesterday we went fishing and now "Eff" has come to join us – And if you haven't seen video #1 then you should watch that one first – I will link to it up here in the top – Today we are fishing the lake with fly – And swimbait – You will be jerkbait master – Yeah – And captain! – And I'll be captain as well much of the time And Eff Well – I havent got time for that shit – Nope, he just wants to catch fish – And you'll catch a shitload of fish on your "Spinning Rod" – From which shitty supermarket? – From Aldi – Awesome rod for shure! Actually better performance than mine! – Yeah

– Hell yeah – And same price as well – Hahah – You actually have better action on it than me – Mmmh – Mmmmmh – MMMMMMMMMH! – Let's go fishing! – Yeah – Come on! – Hahahah! – The smell of fresh ass I've never tasted before! – Mmmh <3 – Most important! – The beer! – Morning beer – Morning beer <3 ♫ GOOD MORNING – GOOD MORNING ♫ – I've got this I'm a captain! – Finally you can use all that bench press you've been doing – Hahah! – Yees girl! ♫ CAUSE WHEN A SAILOR ♫ ♫ A SAILOR ♫ ♫ A REAL SAILOR COMES TO SHORE ♫ ♫ YOU NEVER KNOW WHAT WILL HAPPEN ♫ ♫ WE WILL CATCH SOME TROUTIES, PIKES AND A SALMON ♫ ♫ AAAAAAAAARGH ♫ – Here to the right you have some nice flats – You see – The edge goes down here and they'll travel all the way along and look for baitfish You cast to them One, two strips you get it! Okay? – Uhj! – It's a Sander! – Shut it mate! – It's a chromer! – Damn, would be epic if it was a Sander – Way to go! – Yeeearh – It's a nice fish actually – Oi! – Ohhh! – Arh! – Oi! – Into the backing! – Yeeearh! – Hahah! – Oi! – Eyy! – A real chromer! Oh watch the oar! – Yeeeeah! – Nice one bro! – Yeah! – HELL YEAH ON FIRE BOYS! – HOOOORAAAH BOOOYS! – YEEEEEAH! – Giant pike! – Ahh it's shitting on me! – It's shitting haha? – Hahah – Yeah buddy! – Oh

– Yeah yeah! – Charlie bit my finger! – Fuck you guys, you are such pussies man! – "Oh the big bad pike bit my finger" – Hello everybody, today we are fishing with the most manly boys of Denmark – Who release their fish with the net – Because they are afraid of Pikes! – Arh! – Nice bro! – Cool man – Well all fish deserves to be released gently – I released mine with net too – Good thing we are pals – Yeah! – Fuck Andreas man! – Alfa 1 & 2 on tour – Haha for fuck sake man – Well not too bad boys – Yeah we're getting started – It's hooked quite well – It os? – Tell me if you need another plyer – Got it – Awesome! – Brilliant! – Hi-Lo, oh wow that Hi-Lo fly is long – Brilliant handling mate! – Well handled! – Yeeeerh! – Show me the moves! – Oh yeah beautiful fish! – Very nice! – Woooh! – Yeeeah boy! ♫ WEEOEOOOEOOHOOO ♫ – I'm real proud of you! – Well handled bro – Yeeah! – It's just hard to grow the balls to put your hand in their mouths – Yeah you are right, but I think you did very well! – Thanks mate, heh! – Hahah – Well now we've been fishing the entire lake – And we actually had the best action on the fly Or Simon did – The pikes are very shy now – They are hiding and wont hunt or eat at the moment – Now we are back at base camp and we are preparing some Herring-Madness <3 – Which is basically a whole Herring on a treble hook – And then fished on the bottom We'll put out some chars, a couple of beers and some chips – It'll be just like the Put&Take – Yeah! Haha – So it'll be laid back and we'll just hope that the pike will play along – Now we'll explain how you make a shitty Herring-rig Or, now we'll ecplain how to make a pike-rig From a herring-rig? – Damn you nailed it bro – Hahah – Woooah! – Just a regular treble hook – Wire – And a Herring from the supermarket – And just trough the back – Woop – Simple as that – Damn i feel like such a pro! – Very classy with the cigarette – Well thanks – Cheers lads! – Cheers! – For some good action – It tastes more like juice when it's this cold – But the chips are ecxellent! – Andreas there is something on your rod – On mine? – Yeah! – Hurry up man! – Hold it hold it!! – You want it Groth? – No take it!! – No you came and take this one mate! – NO TAKE IT MATE!! – We ready? – Well my brake is pretty tight – I don't think it's huge though – Well I didn't see it yet Andreas – Me neither

– I think it's decent – It could be quite big actually – Hahah – You're getting a heartbeat now? – Well it's defenetly the biggest one of the trip, that's for sure – Okay Can you reel in Groth's rod? – Okay this is a big one – Damn it's a good one man! – My rod is all the way over there mate – It is? – Yeah far that way – Okay – Okay holy shit! – You always fight like a little pussy! Get it in! – There it is – It looks okay, right? – Wow! – Uhh, it looks quite nice actually – The colors are different from the others aswell – Oooooh, okay! – OOH MY GOD MATE! – What! – yes yes yes – Oh! – MY GOD IT'S HUGE Hahah! – Yes yes yes boy! – HAHAHAH! – What

Whaaat! – What the fuck man! – On Herring! What's up with that? – It's like this I think – 85cm? – 75cm? – Don't you think? – No I think it's a lot bigger – No I don't think so – You dont? – It's just like, it's by far the biggest of the trip so I'm all like, what the fuck! – Well I think it is 75cm – Okay wait, I'll tie my shoes first – Well it is in the water, so shouldn't we measure it? – Yeah let's do that – I'll just go get it What the fuck man! – What! – Hahah! – Damn it's a good one – Yeah bloody big – This baitfish fishing is totally underrated man – Hahah holy shit it rocks! – Yeah I think we should do it more from now on – I think it's a meter fish – Yeah it should be around 100cm this one – Damn it's massive Are we ready? – Should I measure it? – Yeah Oh wow it's huge! – Yeah it's fucking huge! – Arh! – I think it's a meter for sure – I'll hold up here – It is 101cm – 101 hahah! – Pose with it man! – Holy shit! – Ready? – Damn this is so fucking awesome boys! A real alligator man! – This is insane Shit man! – Okay let's give it a drink – What a fine ass fish! – It's really neat isn't it? – I'll hold the net Andreas – here you go girl, take a drink – Yeah – It's probably around

– Oh watch the net! 8-9kg or something like that – Yeah I think you're right – It's not a 10 – No I wouldn't say so either – Well let's continue with this baitfish bullshit, haha – Yeah probably not the worst idea – What a pig man – Yeah a damn fine one! – Haha – Damn that was nasty man! – Fucking nice! – The knuckle! – Damn that was so awesome – Bloody epic – A meter and one! HAHAHAHHAHA – Oh damn it's huge! – It's massive! – What it's a giant man! – They fight quite well right? – Yeah hahah – Shit man – Arh! – Oh – Damn it's pulling hard – What! – Hahah! – Well I think we can say that it's a new PB already – hahah! – PB on dead herring – Oh damn it's a log man!! – Goooo! – I cant net it! – I need to get on the other side – Yeeah boy haha! – Oh shit man! – Hahah that's one mean Pike as well man! – Is the pose okay? – Are you kidding, it's epic! – Okay – Nice smooth and wet surface for the Pike just here – Wow! – Sorry bro! – It's okay – Congrats! – Thanks! – Hahah – Fuck man – Damn this is insane – It's a mean one! – It's big? – It's fucking huge! – Oh this one is huge man! – OOOH IT'S FUCKING HUGE! – OOOH IT'S FUCKING HUGE! – What! – I'll hold it down here! – I think this may be the biggest one so far – Yeah me too – Oh wow it looks heavy man – Yeah it's super heacy – Want me to go over here? – Yes please – Oh! – Oh! – Waahaaah! – This is the meanest thing I've ever experienced – What is this madness! – What! – Whaaaat! – This is fucking insane man! – Try now – You've got it – yeah – Siick! – Wuuhu! – G! – Hahah! – 106 – 106cm? – That's just rad! – Haha damn this is ridiculous – This girl is a fattie aswell – Haha! – How big was it, 106cm? – Yeah – Fuck man hahah! – That's almost too much, I'm done now – Arh – Very nice! – It tried to jump out of the net – Errrh

– it did? – Yeah it's a fucking beast I tell you! – It's a wild lady this one – Yeah – Okay this one is a monster as well! – Maybe you guys are right Maybe it is bigger – It is for sure! – It's 112! – Is it 112cm?? – 112cm mate! – Fuck man Okay – 112cm! – Okay this is absolutely mental – Probably plus a few centimeters on that, cause I didn't measure it all the way to the tail – Hahah – 113cm – Should we Can we

Does someone – Fucking hell, the adrenalin is hitting me so hard just now – 113cm – Nooo way man – Nooo no no – Isn't this the biggest fish you've caught? – Yeah it is, never landed this long a fish before – Holy shit boys

– Yeah this is just out of this world – Pinch me someone! – Hahah – It's almost too much to comprehend – Yeah, I'm done for the trip now, no more fishing for me – Yes Come on girl! – Yeah! – Hahah! – What up lads! – Again

– Ahh, well I think I've had my share now – KISS <3 – Phew! – Oh hi – Did you watch along? – Thanks for now! – Next time you can watch Groth – Who will tie his first fly and catch his first searun trout on the coast – I simply cannot wait – So thanks for watching! – Remember to subscribe to the channel – You can do that by pressing this button down here

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