Isfiske – ørret og røye

Tough, old women in the wild! Ok, folks 🙂 Today it's ice fishing! Here we have a hole in the ice down through the hole it's running a fishing line Down in the water it lives a lot of char, and some trout too! This is fun Enja, this is fun? Now we are ready for some days ice fishing To pack all the gear is a project in itself 😉 Next stop is the fishing spot! Now we are ready to this ice fishing The snow is removed, and here is some stormwater

Tove is strong 😉 Its heavy to drill I'm through the first layer of ice Maybe you have to use the extender This drill has a telescopic extender! In this lake we have three different fish species: trout, char and perch The char at this place are small You have to go to other places in Norway to catch the big ones 😉 It' snowing a bit today, it's beautiful snow crystals in the air I think these are amazing I'm through! Now you are through! It was only two layers? Yes

You believe in this rod? Yes! It's for you 🙂 While I drill more holes I'm a lucky one!! Det er kobber og rød Yes This is a really good strong rod Yes, this is for the real big fish – you can let the fish run! Ok! It's easy to let the fish run with this rod

I will show you some details This one has a real fishing reel Our other rods are more simple The hook is fastened at this place From the hook it's a short line up to this lure

If you are an ice-fisher, you know this, but maybe it's new for some of you! I will drop the hook to the bottom, and just drag it some few centimeter up Down under the ice I have my hope;) I have to put the hook in between the two black dots? Yes! It should be two black dots! I find the end with the dots Two small black dots The dots are placed on a little leather rag, You put the hook just there? Then it wouldn't be punctured And you use a lot of worms on the same hook

Yes! Then, down under the ice 😉 The box is awash with crawling worms We will also try one hook with earthworms Above it's a light, it will turn on when it's in contact with water Light and earthworms First time we try this – someone has told us about it

I have to move closer to have a look! It's the first time Enja follow us on ice fishing I will give it to her 😉 It's a char A little one! Yes, that's what it is in this lake Enja We will let Enja play with it

In fact this is good food for the dogs, but we like them too! The dogs prefer them frozen Tove holds a handful with shrimp shells We are going to bait the ice holes We will put this nice smell down in the hole 😉 To let them sink it's important that they not are frozen Very interesting for the dogs curious snouts 😉 It's the first time Enja follows us on ice fishing

Kiro has a lot of experiences! Is it nibbling? No I wish it would happen! Yes!! I would be so happy! Yes! A fish will in a way make the experience! Yes Here sits Tove she tells that it's small nibbles all the time This is the small char! They don't bite Tove think it's fish! We have just arrived after a little ski-trip Here we have a little fish! It's not that small! It's not that small! Not that small It isn't 🙂 Is it a trout? It's a char Another char! Kaja wondered if she had something on the rod 😉 And I HAD!! Here it is! A nice one! It's a trout! I got it on this lure I got it – everything is good! YES! Today's catch is three char and one trout! And we will let the fishing rods stand while we go back to the cabin Here you see the catch of today Kaja has got a nice char and a little one, and a nice trout

And I have got one little char It's not that small either 😉 Here we have one more! A char! It's not that small No, it's not that small No

Good! This is the fourth char today This night we have had fishing rods in 6 holes Tove checks the third one Here it's empty It was a tiny char on each of the two first rods

Here it was empty Strange when they are so close to each other Yes It's exciting to check after a night! It was not that cold this night, that's the reason why we didn't cover the holes But we have learned that it is a good thing to cover the holes with branches during the night

This will prevent the holes from freezing Today it's just a thin layer of frost Yes, and because of the storm water, it's easier to break the ice without damage the fishing line You are so beautiful sitting on the ice, Tove It's good to sit like this 😉 You get fish too! Another tiny char! A nice little char

Looks like you are on the place you want to be 🙂 Yes 🙂 I kill it Yes All the worms are in the sock Because I want to keep them warm Don't want frozen bait

Did you use maggot or earthworms on this rod? Maggot It's the maggot bait that has given us fish this time I will start with taking the ice away This is a smart way to do it 😉 I've learned it from a fisher"woman" nearby 😉 Now I'm ready! I don't think it's a big one 😉 But I feel it! Yes oh – another tiny char! It's a nice one!! Beware of your snout, Kiro! A nice char! Earlier we song "Hallelujah" when we got char like this! MEMORIES FROM 2011 The char from lake Langen curls up in the frying pan Delicious! Amazing! Cabin Tangane in Bamble, Telemark Tove sings: "I am Happy, I am Happy

" Now I have cut over the spine! Yes Then you got happy? Wasn't that the reason to the happiness? No – then the curls disappear 🙂 Oh yeah! That's true! BACK TO THE PRESENT

It's a nice little char Good in the frying pan! This was only lip hooked In total we have caught some fish now Kaja Yes, 1,2,3,4,5,6,7 I cannot count them all 🙂 Lots of char, and you've got one trout That's good! This is an amazing day to sit like this! It's a fantastic day on the ice! I want the fish to bite all the time! Just wait, and you will get some more Yes

Here you see some of our fishes Some of them are parted in pieces, cause the dogs want them frozen It's fun to see Enja is waiting like this Yes, I think she has learned about fishing these days I wish you got a fish while she was looking

Earlier today the fish was active all the time After that it has been silent Unfortunately But we try to remind ourselves: we have to enjoy the simple fact that we stay outdoors, it isn't necessary to perform anything, neither for you who are watching our videoes or for ourselves The important thing is to enjoy, to stay outdoors and feel the peaceful rhythm in the nature, move our bodies

Beautiful 🙂 A tiny one! Soon it will be frozen Then maybe the raven can get some food 😉 Goodbye little fish! Ok, folks! Soon we will return to our home 🙂 Thank you for following, and welcome back! Remember to press the subscribe button if you like this This was a video from our "backyard" A tiny one! It's a nice char! Beware of your snout, Kiro! A nice char! Earlier we song "Hallelujah" when we got char like this! Do you want it in the frying pan today? Maybe!

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