Inland Fisheries’ Lake Sorell carp battle looks almost won

Inland Fisheries believes there are now fewer than 50 of the introduced pest fish left in the Central Highlands lake.

The service said it removed 107 carp from the lake in the 2017-18 season.

It said it had removed 41,452 carp from the lake during its long-running eradication program which started in 1995.

“By continuing to use a range of fishing techniques, the aim will be to finish off the majority of carp this coming spring,” Inland Fisheries said in its carp management program annual report for 2017-18.

“In order to achieve this, optimal environmental conditions are required to draw the remaining fish into the shallows, where they become vulnerable to our fishing gear.

“In addition, there will also be an equally important emphasis on stopping spawning.”

Nearby Lake Crescent appeared to remain carp-free, after continued annual sampling and monitoring.

Inland Fisheries said no carp had been caught there since 2007.

It is now managed as a trout fishery.

Lake Sorell was once one of Tasmania’s most popular fisheries, and  attracted half of the state’s anglers each season.

The IFS hopes it will again become a popular fishery when carp are eradicated.

It said no spawning had been detected in Lake Sorell during the season, and that was a key to eradication.

It said the 107 carp caught averaged 763 grams.

“The constant and intense fishing pressure has suppressed the carp size, and gonad analysis indicates that there are serious issues with a population that is struggling to remain viable,” it said.


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