HUGE Pike Fishing Prank!?

Come here, Mackan! Schh, chill down! Okey, Alex is out there and scooping his holes now And we saw a sick prank on Jon

B's channel And for those of you who haven't checked him out, do it Jon B @ YouTube He's fishing in the US He pranked his friend With an icefishing rod by slipping a can down the hole Exactly! And we have a tent aswell, slip the can underneath the tent and then up We are basically going to prank him that he has a fish on We have a drilled hole inside the tent, were we will put a "rigged" rod we will slip an unopened can underneath the hole inside, to the hole on the outside We will grab the can there so one of us can pull the line so that Mr

Alexander thinks it's a fish Here is the can Haha yes, let's go! Here is the hole! And the rod there, we will slip the can from there to here! Aaahh, it's freaking cold Now Linus will take this can, go over there, and act like a fish! Do we have a bell or something that we can put on the rod? So that he really reacts on the "strike" We want him to hear that it's a fish on * Swedish nonsense * This will work! Yes, now all we have to do is trick the "dane" to come over here Yea, i will fish some Yes! Holy shit, is it nice? No Instant, just put the bait down Damn, smooth HEY! Wrong way! "Trying to get Alex to the fake-rigged rod" *A mix of danish and swedish, no one understands* We waited and waited He finally entered the tent "The fish" "He asked me if i was inside the tent?" "Waaait, uuugh!" "IT'S A FISH" "Holy shit" "Again" *mumbles something in danish/swedish* Keep an eye on the rod outside! yes Shit, the reel is frozen Nooo YES, he's still there! Wait a second the reel is broken! (It's not) Whaat? hahaha "The reel is frozen" You hooked up? Again on this rod But the fucking reel is frozen! Can't you reel? OH holy shit it's peeling line

"Everyone is trying to play along and act as good as they can" This fucking reel is totally It's just peeling line It's not possible to crank What is happening? "Holy macaronies" "Aaaaah" Damn, it feels heavy It does? Yep *Noise* You know, it's my mojo today! *giggles* It's not a stupid thing to have a rod inside here like this, this is the second bite! Insane "Uuuuuh" Damn that's nice, damn that's nice! Did you see it? No The brake is pretty tight you know What the hell, i thought it was you making that noise while pumping, so it's still going? I'm to scared to do something, i'm just letting him This is a pike, and damn it feels heavy

I've never been this afraid to lose a fish! "Unfortunately, Marcus GoPro died just before the "fish" was landed" – NOOOO – It came of? – No! it did noo?!?!?!?!?!?!?! *alot of giggles* – Are you kidding me? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? NOO Okay Alex, now you've calmed down from the prank MMM -What do you think? -Hilarious Very funny

– I think it was a succesful prank – I agree What do you guys think? You know, i'm satisfied! Look at him, just look at him! I'm really happy, finally the damn danish guy got it! He's standing over there and feeling bad, feels so good! No, but this was fun! Yes it was, hahaha

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