How to Organize Tackle and Create a Day Box

Hi everybody, Terry Brown Wired2fish and I am in the man cave and actually folks, you've been with me lots of times out here doing man cave videos but we have done them in the warehouse part This is the part where I actually work on tackle, its super secret, I don’t let anyone back here, it’s one of those places where if somebody comes back here, I am always worried about them getting into boxes and stuff so…

I keep them out for the most part But what I do all winter, and I think it is something of what you guys do as well, is I try to get things organized in a way that I can move back and forth from my boat The nice thing about having a boat in the building with me is I can go out and I can move things back and forth Recently in the last few years, I've been able to build some deck boxes which are very small Plano boxes and water tight

What I do, before I take each trip, before each tournament, I will go and practice, I know what baits I am going to use, I know what baits I’m going to need and instead of having everything in a compartment in the boat, what I have done is put them in small, Plano, air tight, lock tight, water tight boxes so that I can have those for the day of the tournament It’s really essential though to be able to have your baits organized and have things organized in your bait selection to where you can come and pull things off of that One of the things about this particular area is that I have built shelves, I have got a lot of storage area and I keep a lot of extra baits But the thing I really like to do more than anything else is every time I get into a bait box, I like to reminisce a little bit This is an old P70 Pop-R bait by Pradco and they have just come out again actually with this bait

What I like to do is check these baits and make sure that they got good hooks on them I do it on each and every bait; it takes a lot of time A lot of time, people will take a look at a bait and say, “Boy that bait is beat up, maybe I better get a new one,” I actually kind of like them that way We used to have a lot of the Rapala baits, in particular, 11 s, a jerkbait, that I used to hope that they beat up, because those baits were actually better What I’ll do is you’ll take a bait for instance just like this Rattletrap here, it’s got the chrome knocked off of it, looks pretty bad but with good and sharp hooks, it may be something just different enough that a bass will bite on

Each and every bait that I go through here, I make sure that it has good hooks, has good split rings, no rust, if it has rust, I get rid of it, and that’s exactly what I do Now as you look behind me, you can tell I have myriad of different baits back here I got shallow running crankbaits; I got deep running crankbaits… all kind of in a different kind of year where you are going to go out and use those kind of different baits

When I load my boat up each and every spring, I only put the baits that I believe I’ll use when I practice So, if it’s a Reaction Innovation Skinny Dipper, a Senko or any of the baits like that, I’ll have a little compartment box made up for that Then during the day of the tournament, I’ll take a certain number of those baits, the ones that I got bit on, and they will be in my day box, in the box that I will use for that day Another advantage of that day box is, that when you pull that bait box out of there, you have to open up a lid, you have to do all of that kind of stuff, where with a big tackle box you are always worried about getting water in it, I've got to worry about a box about this big, is all I have to worry about to be able to get water on it So, when I have that, a rainy day, snowy, misty, whatever it is, I don’t have to worry about ruining a bunch of tackle

It’s kept dry, it’s kept in a dry storage area but I've got the stuff that I need to be able to be successful One of the neat things about being able to work in an area like this is that I can do it at my own time We have a long winter here, we have a winter where it is miserable cold, we've got ice on the ponds, a lot of guys ice fishing, that’s really good for them, for me, I would rather work on tackle I would rather be the guy working on tackle, sitting in here getting ready for the summer, getting ready for that soft water, that’s what I do the best This is Terry Brown, I’m in the Man Cave and we are going to bring you more from the Man Cave from back in the storage area very soon

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