How to Make a Catfish Lure

so today I'm going to show you how to make a catfish lure these lures come in many different styles and you can customize them to make noise or vibrate using beads blades or special made rattles there are several manufacturers that make catfish lures and usually they will run between five to seven dollars for a pack of two so for step one to making a catfish lure you're gonna need a circle hook I recommend using a three to a five on circle hook for channel catfish and if you're going for big blue cats or flat heads using a seven to a night on nine the next step you're gonna need some twenty to forty pound mono line anything less than twenty and your lures probably not gonna hold up very well especially if it bangs across rocks and and brush and things like that and anything greater than forty pound mono is really it's kind of stiff to manipulate and just difficult not to say that you can't make one with greater than forty pound mono it's just it's a lot more difficult not we're gonna need a tie it's gonna be a what we call a knotless knot so if you never tied a knot let's not before that's okay it's very simple you just run your line through the front of the eyelet hold the line to the back of the spine of the hook and then wrap it five to eight times three four five six I'm doing six okay anything less than five is really too too few anything greater than eight it's just a little excessive next thing you want to do is take the end of your your line and run it through the back of the eyelet and just pull it down snug your finished result should look like this next thing you want to do is cut the tagging off so you don't have an excessive amount of tagging hanging off the edge of your hook and in the third step we're going to start by placing a bead on our line followed by our float followed by our second bead if you want you can add blades more beads or even rattles at this point it's it's compiling up to you in the final step we are going to attach a swivel to the end except we're going to give it enough room to so that the floats and the beads can slide up and down and make some noise and the terminal not we're going to use is is a nod of your choice so I'm personally going to tie this with a polymer or not just feel it simple okay but you can use an uni or or a prove clincher or whatever you want to use once you tired the terminal out of your choice snip the tag in off and your bait is complete and that's it it's pretty simple if you like this video if you wouldn't mind dropping alike if you have not subscribed to my channel I would greatly appreciate it if you did subscribe we'll see you next time you

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