How to Fly Fish : What is a Good Beginner’s Fly Fishing Rod?

Right here what I got in my hand is what we called T-three Orvis med flex six weight rode It is a nine foot rod

This is a great rod for a new beginner It got great flexibility and it got great action The reel is what we call a Cof3 which is also a Orvis product They got mid Arbor brands which are really reasonable in price I would suggest not going spending a whole lot of money at first

You can get really nice gear for beginners you can get a whole your rod, leaders, tipped, things that you need for fly fishing for around 60 dollars Which is really reasonable if you get started then you can move your way up from there The rod and the reel are very important for a having a good day out in the river You basically the rod and the reel catch the fish You control the rod and the reel

But in actually the fish is caught by how you control the tools Which is your reel and your rod

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